5 Steps to Permanently Delete Your AIM Account

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Joe Raedle /Getty Images

You may have enjoyed your AIM Mail account at some point in the past but now you want to close it down for whatever reason - be it that you chose a bad username or you simply don't use the account much anymore.

Fortunately, there are a couple easy ways to go about this to permanently delete all your emails and personal information from your AIM account.

How to Delete Your AIM Account

Here's how to manually close your AIM account, including your email account:

  1. Visit your My Account page on AOL.com and log in with your username (screen name) and password.
  2. Go to the MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTIONS menu item at the top of that page.
  3. From the AOL tab, click or tap the Cancel link to the right.
  4. Pick an option from the drop-down menu next to the *Please select your reason for canceling this service: section to explain why you've chosen to cancel your AOL account.
    1. Important: Before moving on to Step 5, remember that this will delete your entire AOL account. The page you're on lists all of the items that you'll no longer have access to, which might include AOL Mobile, AOL Mail, AOL Shield, Photobucket, etc.
  5. Click or tap the CANCEL AOL > button to delete your AOL account.

If you abandon your AOL account by refraining from logging in for 90 days, it might become deactivated and unusable until you reactivate it. Deleting the account as described above will permanently remove your username and all access to your account.