How to Close Apps on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Use the square navigation button, and then swipe up on an app to close it

What to Know

  • Close app: Tap square navigation button to see running apps, and swipe up the app window you want to close.
  • Force close app: Settings menu > Apps & Notifications > select the running app, and force close the app.
  • You can also use an App Killer app to force close or uninstall apps on your Amazon Fire tablet.

This article explains how to close apps on an Amazon Fire tablet. We'll also explain how to force close an app that isn't responding properly.

How Do You Close Apps on an Amazon Fire Tablet?

The normal way to close apps on an Amazon Fire tablet is a simple upward swipe on the screen.

  1. To view all apps currently running on the Amazon Fire tablet, select the square navigation button at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on the image of the open app to close that app.

    Viewing background apps on Amazon Fire with square navigation button highlighted

    If you have an app open in full-screen mode, you can still close any other app running in the background. When you tap the square navigation button and switch to the open app list view, you can swipe left or right to browse through all of the open apps and swipe up to close the other app.

  2. To reopen the app again, tap the round icon at the bottom of the screen to return to the Home screen. Tap the app icon again to reopen it.

    Home screen on the Amazon Fire with circular Home button highlighted

How to Force Close Apps on the Amazon Fire Tablet

If you've attempted to close an app on the Amazon Fire tablet using the steps above but the app is still running in the background, you'll need to force close the app instead.

  1. You can force close any app currently running on your Android Fire tablet from inside the Settings app. First, open the Settings app.

    Settings app on the Amazon Fire tablet home screen
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications in the Settings menu.

    Apps & Notifications in Fire Tablet Settings
  3. You will see a list of your recently opened apps at the top of the list. Scroll down to the one you want to force close and tap the name of the app.

    Recently opened apps on a Fire tablet
  4. Now, on the App Info page, find and tap the Force Stop button.

    Force Stop chosen on an Amazon Fire tablet

    On older versions of the Amazon Fire tablet, the running app can be found under Applications > Manage All Applications > Running Applications.

  • How do I pin an app on an Amazon Fire tablet?

    First, select the App Switcher (square box) at the bottom of the screen. Then, find the app you want to pin and select the Pin (thumbtack) icon. To unpin the app later, tap and hold the App Switcher and Back icons. If you don't see these options, make sure you aren't using a child account.

  • How do I delete an app on an Amazon Fire tablet?

    To remove an app, tap and hold its icon on the Home menu. Then, select Uninstall at the top of the screen. You'll confirm, and then the app will be gone.

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