Clips, Replays, and Universal Search Coming to Clubhouse

Android also is getting spatial audio

The team at Clubhouse is ready to unleash an assortment of features for the app’s users, including the ability to search through rooms, replay sessions, and more.

On Friday, Clubhouse unveiled several new features coming to its audio-based app. The features include some long-awaited options like Universal Search, Clips, the ability to replay audio sessions, and more. While some of the features are set to arrive Friday, others will be released in the future.

Clubhouse universal search feature


One of the most anticipated features that Clubhouse is adding, Universal Search, will let users search for people, clubs, live rooms, and events scheduled for the future. It’s arriving on iOS and Android versions of the app starting Friday.

Clips, another update that users have been waiting on, is in beta today and will allow you to share 30-second clips of public rooms, similar to the clips we already see on sites like YouTube and Twitch. The room owner will be able to turn clips on and off when creating a room, so some rooms might not always offer the option.

Replays are also a hot topic in the Clubhouse community, and the team behind the app is working hard to bring those to the stage, too. It says that replays will start rolling out in the coming weeks, letting users do exactly what it sounds like—replay Clubhouse rooms that already have ended.

As a bonus, Spatial Audio also is coming to Clubhouse on Android. It’s available now and will roll out to devices over the coming days.

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