Clifford Atiyeh


Boston University


Clifford Atiyeh is an independent writer, photographer, and creative consultant. He is vice president of the New England Motor Press Association and runs a marketing consultancy.


He has reported for dozens of websites, magazines, and newspapers over a nearly 20-year journalism career. In 2009 he was one of the first journalists to run a full test of the first Tesla Roadster and has since tested more than 650 new vehicles in the U.S. and across the world, including on more than a dozen race tracks. His research and industry expertise focus on product development, market analysis, and the litigation and legislation affecting the automotive industry.

He's written for The Wall Street Journal, CarGurus,, and Car and Driver.


Cliff graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

A Message from Clifford Atiyeh

In their current state, EVs are not for every car owner. The state of battery technology simply doesn't meet the needs of every driver due to range, refueling speed, refueling infrastructure, and consistent performance. There is a market for EVs, but it's crucial you know how you'll be using it before buying one.

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