ClearStream Eclipse Antenna Review

A simple antenna that doesn’t skimp on performance

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Clearstream ECLIPSE

ClearStream Eclipse Antenna

Lifewire / Jonno Hill

What We Like
  • Simple design

  • Great performance

  • Less clutter

What We Don't Like
  • Can’t stand on its own

  • Limited range

The ClearStream Eclipse is a simple, easy-to-use indoor antenna that outperforms some of the competition for less money.


Clearstream ECLIPSE

ClearStream Eclipse Antenna

Lifewire / Jonno Hill

We purchased the ClearStream Eclipse so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The ClearStream Eclipse is a very simple HDTV antenna suitable for use indoors and mostly in metropolitan areas. There are a dizzying amount of options to choose from in this best TV antenna space, but this antenna caught my attention by managing to acquire more channels in our signal test despite not requiring an external power source. 

ClearStream Eclipse Antenna
Lifewire / Jonno Hill 

Design: Inoffensive but unexceptional

The ClearStream Eclipse Antenna isn’t the most beautiful piece of hardware to ever grace my living room, but it’s inoffensive enough to not really be an issue. The antenna has a thin, flat, disc shape that is black on one side and white on the other. It is designed to be placed directly onto a flat surface, but you will probably be able to get away with a lot of different orientations depending on how close you are to the signal source.

Setup: Simple and easy

The ClearStream Eclipse Antenna has the simplest setup of all the HDTV antennas I’ve tested. There is no mounting hardware, no power adapter, and nothing else to worry about. The antenna comes with a strip of adhesive that can be used to affix it directly to a wall or other preferred surface. 

The ClearStream Eclipse Antenna had the best results of any unpowered antenna, even beating out a few of the powered ones.

Luckily the ClearStream Eclipse Antenna comes with a 12ft coaxial cable, so next simply attach the cable to both the antenna and your TV. Make sure to run a channel scan first for best results.

Performance: Above average

I’ve tested a lot of similar antennas recently, and the ClearStream Eclipse Antenna had the best results of any unpowered antenna, even beating out a few of the powered ones. From my apartment, I was able to get acquire an average of 65 channels across all my tests. For reference, the worst-performing antenna found just 47, and the best, 76. 

Range: Fair to middling

Antenna’s Direct rates the ClearStream Eclipse Antenna for up to 35 miles of range, although I’ve seen reports of people getting good results from further, or having trouble from much closer. My apartment is well within the supported range, so my sentiments reflect its use in city settings more than suburbs or exurbs. 

ClearStream Eclipse Antenna
Lifewire / Jonno Hill 

Price: Not bad for the performance

The ClearStream Eclipse Antenna lands at an MSRP of $40, putting it towards the high end of the price spectrum, especially where non-powered antennas are concerned. It did do one of the best jobs of supporting as many channels as possible, so the price is somewhat justified. Then again, every single one of the indoor antennas I’ve tested was able to handle the major network channels clearly and without issue, so a high channel number might not mean more than peace of mind in practical terms.

ClearStream Eclipse Antenna vs Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Antenna

If my testing is any indication of broader performance, there is really no reason to get the Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Antenna instead of the ClearStream Eclipse. The Eclipse is over $10 cheaper ($40 vs $52), and managed to support 8 more channels on average. To add insult to injury, the Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Antenna is amplified using a USB power adapter, which adds a bit of clutter and complication to the overall setup.

Final Verdict

The best unpowered indoor antenna.

The ClearStream Eclipse is one of the best options for buyers looking for a new indoor antenna. It performed better than a lot of the competition, despite being far simpler. Budget shoppers have other cheaper options to consider, but this one is perhaps the best combination of price, performance, and ease-of-use.


  • Product Name ECLIPSE
  • Product Brand Clearstream
  • Price $40.00
  • Release Date June 2016
  • Weight 4 oz.
  • Color Black
  • Powered No
  • Range 35 miles
  • Warranty Lifetime parts
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