Clearing Your Google Chrome History

Google's Chrome browser has developed quite a following since its initial release, with fast speeds and a minimally intrusive interface topping the list of popular aspects. In addition to its robust feature set, Chrome stores various data components while you browse the Web. These include items such as browsing history, cache, cookies and saved passwords among others. Browsing history data includes a list of websites which you have visited in the past.

Clearing Chrome History

Chrome's Clear Browsing Data interface provides the ability to clear history, cache, cookies and more in a few simple steps. The option is offered to clear Chrome's history from user-specified time intervals ranging from the past hour all the way back to the beginning of time. You can also choose to clear the history of any files that you may have downloaded through the browser as well.

Clear Google Chrome History on Different Platforms

The following tutorials present a step-by-step approach on how to clear history in your Google Chrome browser.

Reset Chrome

On some platforms, Chrome also offers the ability to reset the browser's data and settings to its original state. The following tutorial explains how this is done, as well as the inherent risks involved: How to Reset Google Chrome to its Default State.