How to Clear Watch History on Discovery Plus

Scroll to the end or make a new profile to start off with a clear history

What to Know

  • You can't clear your Continue Watching list, but you can remove movies by scrolling to the end.
  • Cancel autoplay before the video finishes playing, or else the next video will show up in your history.
  • Alternatively, delete your profile and create a new one to start off with an empty watch history.

This article explains how to clear your watch history on Discovery Plus. The information applies to the Discovery Plus web player, the Discovery Plus mobile app, and the Discovery Plus apps for smart TVs and streaming devices.

How to Clear Discovery Plus Watch History

Unfortunately, there's no way to clear your Continue Watching list on Discovery Plus. There are a couple of workarounds to remove titles from your watch history, but they each come with a catch.

For example, movies are removed once you finish them, so you can scroll to the end and just let the video finish playing. However, Discovery Plus will automatically play a related video as soon as it ends. If you don't act fast to cancel autoplay, the new video will show up in your Continue Watching list. You have about 20 seconds at the end of the video to cancel the autoplay.

Close (X) icon highlighted in the Up Next window on

This trick only works for movies or documentaries with one episode. Once you finish an episode of a series, the next unwatched episode will appear in your Continue Watching list.

Another workaround is to delete your profile and create a new one to start off with an empty Continue Watching list. The catch is that you can't delete the primary profile (the first profile you set up when creating your Discovery Plus account).

How to Create and Delete a Discovery Plus Profile

Anyone who has access to your account can see your profile, so if you don't want anyone else to know what you're watching, create a “burner” profile that you can delete when you're done.

  1. On the Discovery Plus website, select your Profile icon > Manage Profiles. In the mobile app, tap Account > Manage Profiles. In the Discovery Plus app for smart TVs, scroll to the left and select your Profile icon.

    Profile icon and Manage Profiles highlighted on
  2. Select Add Profile.

    Add Profile highlighted on Manage Profiles page
  3. Enter a name and select Save.

    Add Profile on Create Profile page with Name box and Save highlighted

    When setting up a profile for a child, select Family Profile to restrict adult content.

  4. To delete the profile, go back to the Manage Profiles screen. Select the profile, then select Delete Profile. In the smart TV app, highlight the profile and select the Pencil icon under it, then select Delete Profile.

    Delete Profile highlighted on Profile page

    Remember, the first profile you set up cannot be deleted.

How Do I Remove Videos From My List?

Go to your list and select a show or movie, then select the checkmark next to Watch Now to remove it. In a web browser, you can hover your mouse over a show or movie and select Remove.

Remove (X) highlighted in My List on
  • How do I clear watch history on Netflix?

    To delete your Netflix history, log in to your Netflix account and select the menu icon. Select Account > Viewing Activity. Under My Activity, you'll see your viewing history. To delete one or more titles, select the No sign to the right of the entry you want to delete.

  • How do I clear watch history on Hulu?

    To clear your Hulu watch history, launch Hulu on your computer and go to the Keep Watching section. Hover your mouse over any title you want to delete and click X at the bottom of its window. On a mobile device, navigate to Keep Watching and tap More (three dots) > Remove from Watch History.

  • How do I clear watch history on Amazon Prime?

    To delete your Amazon Prime watch history, navigate to Amazon Prime on a computer and log in. Click Settings > Watch History > View Watch History. To delete an item, click Remove this from watched videos.

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