How to Clear Reddit Search History

Clear your searches on any device so prying eyes can't see where you've been

What to Know

  • On the website: Clear your browser's cached data, and clear or disable autofill data in your web browser. 
  • Delete individual search terms: Click Reddit search box, click the X or trash icon next to the term to delete. 
  • In Reddit app: Tap your user icon > Settings > Clear local history > Clear local history.

This article explains how to clear your Reddit search history on desktop and mobile.

How Do I Delete Reddit Search History on the Reddit Website?

When you use the Reddit website, your search history is stored in your web browser and not by the website itself. The main Reddit website stores your search history in the browser cache, and anything you search for on the old Reddit website is stored in your web browser's autofill history. To delete your entire Reddit search history, you need to clear or delete cached and autofill data in your web browser settings. This action will remove your Reddit search history and also autofill data you’ve entered on other websites.

If you don't want to delete your entire search history, you can also remove individual search terms. When you click a search field on either version of the Reddit website, you'll see a list of old searches. If you click the X or trash icon next to a search term, it will be deleted from your browser's cache or autofill history.

You can use this same method to delete individual search terms in the Reddit app. Just tap the search field in the Reddit app, then tap X next to the term you want to remove.

Here’s how to remove individual search terms from your Reddit search history:

  1. Navigate to the Reddit website, and click the search box.

    Old search terms in the search drop-down menu on Reddit.

    This works on both versions of Reddit, but you will see a different list of terms depending on which version of the site you visit.

  2. Move your mouse over the search term you want to remove and click the X or trash icon.

    The trash icon highlighted next to a search term on the Reddit website

    Don’t see the term you want to remove? Type the first few letters of the search term, and it will appear.

  3. The term will be removed. Repeat these steps to remove additional terms.

How Do I Delete Reddit Search History in iOS and Android?

Search history is handled the same in both the iOS and Android versions of the Reddit app, but you have to delete your search history on each device where you use Reddit.

Here’s how to delete your search history in the Reddit app:

These steps are not relevant for the Android app. Just search history (i.e., what you type into the search box) is clearable by tapping the x next to the terms, as the below directions point out. The only other history you can erase in the Android app is browsing history: user icon > History > menu > Clear history.

  1. Tap your user icon in the Reddit app.

  2. Tap Settings.

    Reddit profile and Settings highlighted in the app
  3. Tap Clear local history.

  4. Tap Clear local history.

    Clear local history options highlighted in Reddit app
  5. Your local history, including search history, will be cleared.

Can You Delete Search History on Reddit?

When you perform a search on the Reddit website or app, your web browser or the Reddit app retains that search string, not the Reddit site itself. You can delete your search history, but you need to do it separately when on the Reddit website and in the Reddit app. If you use Reddit in multiple web browsers, you will need to clear each browser separately.

  • How do I clear my history on Reddit?

    Delete your browser history to remove the log of pages you've visited in Reddit. Your home page will only show posts from subreddits that you've joined.

  • How do I clear the Reddit cache?

    Reddit doesn't keep its own cache. You can delete anything your computer is storing from Reddit by deleting website data or your browser cache.

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