How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone

Get rid of misspelled or incorrect auto-corrections and suggestions

What to Know

  • Clear keyboard history: Open Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary > Reset Dictionary
  • There is no way to see or edit your keyboard history; only reset it. 
  • Disable autocorrect and predictive text: Open Settings > General > Keyboard > tap the Auto-Correction and Predictive Text toggles to off.

This article explains how to clear the keyboard history on an iPhone, including preventing automatic suggestions and predictive text in the future.

How Do I Delete My iPhone Keyboard History?

Your iPhone keyboard history can be deleted by resetting the keyboard dictionary via the Settings app. You can’t undo the process, so make sure you want to delete your keyboard history before you finalize the deletion. After deleting your keyboard history, your iPhone keyboard dictionary will be in the same state as when you first got your phone.

Here’s how to delete your iPhone keyboard history:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

  4. Tap Reset.

    General, Transfer of Reset iPhone, and Reset highlighted in iPhone Settings
  5. Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

  6. Enter your passcode if prompted.

  7. Tap Reset Dictionary.

    Reset Keyboard Dictionary, Enter Passcode, and Reset Dictionary highlighted in Transfer or Reset iPhone

    You cannot undo this process. Once you tap Reset Dictionary, it will permanently delete your keyboard history

After the reset, the keyboard dictionary will slowly learn your habits and store new words. If you want to prevent your iPhone from making suggestions, you need to turn off predictive text and autocorrect.

Can You Clear Your Keyboard History On iPhone?

Your iPhone has a built-in dictionary that it uses for auto-correction and predictive text when you type in apps like Messages or compose emails. The dictionary isn't static, so it can learn new words and adapt to your style over time. It's also capable of learning names, nicknames, and even code words if you use them enough. The keyboard dictionary is supposed to improve over time, but it doesn't always work out that way.

If you're unhappy with the suggestions that you're getting from your iPhone's predictive text, or it's trying to autocorrect you with incorrect or even misspelled words, you can reset the dictionary. You can also disable predictive text and autocorrect altogether if that isn't enough.

Auto-Corrections vs. Predictive Text

If you're tired of clearing your keyboard history to get rid of annoying suggestions or corrections, you have a couple of options. If you disable auto-correct, your iPhone will still suggest potentially incorrect words, but it won't automatically insert them for you. If you don't want to clear your keyboard history but you're having trouble with incorrect auto-corrections, that's the best option.

The other option is to disable predictive text. When you disable predictive text, the iPhone dictionary will no longer learn new words, and it won't automatically make suggestions as you type. It's also helpful if you want to switch suggestions off temporarily. For example, if you're going to project or mirror your iPhone to give a presentation, switching off predictive text could save you from a potentially embarrassing prediction popping up.

How to Disable Auto-Correction and Keyboard History

Here's how to disable auto-correction and predictive text on an iPhone:

These instructions show how to disable both auto-correction and predictive text because both settings are in the same location, but you don’t need to disable both if you don’t want to.

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap Keyboard.

  4. Tap the Auto-Correction toggle to turn off the auto-correct feature.

  5. Tap the Predictive Text toggle to turn off the predictive text feature.

    General, Keyboard, and Auto-Correction in iPhone settings
  6. To turn these features back on at any time, return to this screen and tap the toggles again.

How Do I See My iPhone Keyboard History?

There is no way to see your iPhone keyboard history. The keyboard dictionary can learn and store words to use later as predictive text or for autocorrections. However, there’s no way to see a list of those words or edit them individually. If you’re receiving unwanted suggestions or corrections, resetting the keyboard dictionary is the only option.

  • Can I delete specific words from predictive text on iPhone?

    No. You can only reset and disable predictive text. There's no way to remove individual words and phrases.

  • How do I change the keyboard on my iPhone?

    After installing a new iPhone keyboard, tap the globe icon at the bottom of the screen to change keyboards. If you have several keyboards installed, keep tapping the globe until you see the keyboard you want. You can also change the keyboard language.

  • How do I move the keyboard on my iPhone?

    Long-press the Keyboard icon, then tap Undock to move the iPhone keyboard around. Tap Dock to return the keyboard to its original position.

  • How do I make the keyboard bigger on my iPhone?

    First, enable the Zoom feature on your iPhone. Then, double-tap the keyboard with three fingers to zoom in.

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