How to Clear Cache on Samsung S10

Clearing the app or system cache can fix many performance issues

What to Know

  • To clear your Samsung S10 cache for a specific app, find the App in your phone Settings, select Storage, and select Clear cache.
  • To clear your Samsung S10 system cache, launch the Recovery Menu and select Wipe cache partition. Reboot your phone when this is done.

This article covers how to clear the cache on your Samsung S10, including the two types of cache and step-by-step instructions for clearing them both.

Two Types of Samsung S10 Cache

If your smartphone is running sluggish or you seem to be running out of space to save photos and other files, it's worth knowing how to clear the cache on your Samsung S10. This Samsung smartphone model has unique settings related to cache and multiple areas where you'll need to clear cache to create more space.

When it comes to clearing cache on a Samsung S10, there are two areas you'll need to be concerned about: app cache and system cache.

  • App cache: This cache stores temporary files used by the apps on your Samsung S10. Over time, the app cache can fill up and use unnecessarily excessive space. After a while, it can even cause the app (or your phone) to slow down or crash. Clearing the Samsung 10 app cache can resolve a lot of app issues you may be having.
  • System cache: Clearing your Samsung S10 system cache usually improves the overall performance of your smartphone dramatically. It does this by removing all of the temporary files used by the Android operating system. It's also safe to do because it won't delete any of your files or settings.

Clearing app cache is simple. Clearing system cache requires booting your Samsung S10 into recovery mode and choosing from the recovery menu.

How to Clear Samsung S10 App Cache

You can easily clear the cache for any app installed on your Samsung S10 from the Settings menu.

  1. Open your Samsung Settings menu by sliding a finger down from the top of your screen and then tapping Settings (gear icon) at the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Scroll down the menu and tap on Apps.

  3. Find the app you want to clear the cache for and select it by tapping the name of the app.

    Steps to find the app that needs its cache cleared on a Samsung S10 with the Settings Get and Apps category highlighted
  4. On the next screen, you'll see all of the information about that app, including how much mobile data it's used, battery usage, and more. Select Storage to see the cache details for that app.

  5. On the Storage menu, you'll see the categories of storage used by that app. It includes how much of your phone's storage the app is using to store data, the app installation itself, the temporary cache files, and of course, total storage. To clear out the app cache, tap Clear cache at the bottom right of this screen.

  6. Once the cache files are cleared out, you'll see the Clear cache option at the bottom turn gray, and the amount of storage used for Cache should update to 0 Bytes.

    Final steps to clear an app's cache on a Samsung S10 with Storage and Clear Cache highlighted
  7. Repeat the process above for any other apps behaving erratically or running slowly. Once you open the app again, you should find it runs much faster and without issues.

How to Clear Samsung S10 System Cache

If your overall smartphone is sluggish or acting erratically, clearing the entire system cache can resolve those system issues. Doing this is easy but requires accessing the recovery menu. Doing this will remove all operating system cache files, but it won't delete your files or settings. So it's safe to do whenever you like.

  1. To open the recovery menu on the Samsung S10, first press and hold the volume up button and the Bixby button (just below the volume keys). While holding both of those down, hold the power button. Doing this will restart the phone and will launch the recovery menu. Scroll down to the Wipe cache partition option using the down volume key. Press the power button to select this option.

    Samsung 10 recovery menu with Wipe Cache Partition highlighted
  2. Use the volume down button again to scroll down to Yes and press the power button again to select this option.

    Wiping system cache with Yes option highlighted on Samsung S10
  3. Your phone will then clear all cache files and display a message that clearing the cache is complete. Reboot system now will be highlighted. Press the power button to restart the phone. Once it restarts, your phone should run much faster and more efficiently than before.

  • How do I clear cache on a Samsung S10 Plus?

    Clearing the cache on a Samsung S10 Plus works the same as on a Samsung S10. To clear an app's cache, go to Settings > Apps, tap an app, then tap Storage > Clear Cache. Clear system cache: launch the Recovery Menu, select Wipe cache partition, and restart the device.

  • How do I clear cache along with cookies on a Samsung phone?

    Follow the steps above to clear an app's cache or the phone's system cache. To clear browser cookies on your Samsung S10, open Chrome and tap Menu > Settings > Privacy. Tap Clear Browsing Data, then tap Clear cookies and site data. Optionally, tap Clear the cache to clear the browser cache (as opposed to an individual app's cache), or tap Clear Browser history to wipe your browsing history.

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