How to Clear Cache on Kodi

Clearing the media player's cache can resolve playback issues

What to Know

  • In File Manager, add the file source and name the media source supreme.
  • Open Installer and select Install from zip file > supreme > > Install from repository.
  • Choose Supreme Builds Repository > Program add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard. Install. Use add-on's maintenance tool to clear cache.

Kodi is a great tool for streaming movies, music, and TV shows, but if you find videos buffer more than usual, add-ons run slowly, or other problems, you may need to clear the cache. Here's how to clear the cache on Kodi using Kodi version 18.8 (Leia) and later for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How to Clear the Cache on Kodi

There isn't a way to clear Kodi's cache through the application's feature set. You'll need to install a third-party add-on such as Supreme Builds Wizard. To clear Kodi's cache using Supreme Builds Wizard:

  1. Launch Kodi and select the settings gear on the main menu.

    The Settings icon in Kodi
  2. Select File manager.

    Kodi's File Manager setting
  3. Select Add source.

    Add Source in Kodi File Manager
  4. Select None in the pop-up window.

    None in "Add file source"
  5. Enter the URL and select OK.

    Enter the URL and select OK.
  6. Select the edit field under Enter a name for this media source, type supreme, and then select OK.

    Enter a name for the media source, the select OK.
  7. Press the Esc key to return to the Kodi home screen, and then select Add-ons.

    The Add-ons heading
  8. Select the Installer icon (the one that looks like an open box).

    The package icon
  9. Select Install from zip file.

    Select Install from zip file.
  10. Select supreme from the pop-up window.

    Select supreme
  11. Select

  12. After you're automatically returned to the previous screen, select Install from repository.

    Select Install from repository.
  13. Select Supreme Builds Repository.

    Select Supreme Builds Repository.
  14. Select Program add-ons.

    Select Program add-ons.
  15. Select Supreme Builds Wizard.

    Select Supreme Builds Wizard.
  16. Select Install on the Supreme Builds Wizard screen.

    The Install button
  17. If you see a notification about a version update, select Dismiss.

    Select Dismiss on the update screen.
  18. Select Clear Cache on Startup if you want to erase the cache each time you open Kodi, and then select Continue.

    The "Clear cache on startup" and continue button
  19. Select Ignore if the Build Menu window appears.

    Select Ignore in the Build Menu windows.
  20. Press the Esc key to return to the Kodi home screen, then select Supreme Builds Wizard in the Add-ons section of the Kodi home menu.

    Select Supreme Builds Windows in the Add-ons section of the Kodi home screen..
  21. Select Supreme Builds Maintenance.

    Select Supreme Build Maintenance.
  22. Select Supreme Builds Cleaning Tools.

    Select Supreme Builds Cleaning Tools.
  23. Select Clear Cache.

    You may also want to select Clear Thumbnails and Clear Archive Cache.

    Select Clear Cache.
  24. Select Clear Cache.

    Select Clear Cache again.
  25. Repeat steps 20 through 24 to manually clear Kodi's cache. To clear the cache every time you start Kodi, go to the Supreme Builds Maintenance screen and set the Auto Clean Up On Startup option to ON.

    go to the Supreme Builds Maintenance screen and make sure Auto Clean on Startup is set to ON.
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