How to Clean the Inside of Your Pixma Printer

A Canon Pixma Printer

 Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

When the inside of your Pixma printer gets dirty, it can smudge the paper. Here's an easy way to get the inside of the Pixma printer cleaned out. 

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Fold a Piece of Paper in Half

Folding paper in half

 Peter Piazza / Lifewire

First, fold a blank letter-sized piece of paper in half, and then unfold it again.

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Load the Folded Paper into the Feeder

Loading paper into pixma feeder

  Peter Piazza / Lifewire

Load the paper into the auto-sheet feeder.

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Press the Copy Button

Copy button on pixma printer

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Press the Copy button.

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Go to the Maintenance Menu

Maintenance menu on pixma printer

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Press Menu repeatedly until the display shows 4 (Maintenance).

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Select Bottom Cleaning

Bottom cleaning on pixma printer

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Press the arrow keys until Bottom Cleaning is selected.

Press OK to feed the paper into the machine.

If it comes out dirty, repeat the process once more.