How to Clean an Apple Watch Band

Lose the dirt and grime accumulated during everyday use

Your Apple Watch is in a prime area for wear and tear. Each day, as you workout, go to work, play with the kids, swim, and more, your Apple Watch continues to perform. You should treat it right by giving it a good and solid clean.

These instructions are for cleaning the Apple-branded sport bands only. If you use a band from another company, follow the specific care instructions provided.

How to Clean the Apple Watch Sport Band

The Apple Watch's Sport band is the most common for its durability and easy wear. Due to its makeup, it requires unique care.

Figure using and wearing Apple Watch
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  1. Start by removing the sport band from your Apple Watch.

  2. Next, wipe the band with a lint-free cloth.

    If you want to use water for tough debris, lightly moisten the cloth and use it to wipe the band down.

  3. Dry the band and reattach it to your watch.

How to Clean an Apple Watch Leather Band

The leather Apple Watch bands are a great addition when you want to dress your watch up. Yet, it's important to clean them properly.

Genuine leather will start to show wear after being worn often. It's important to avoid direct contact with liquids including lotion and sunscreen when wearing your leather band.

  1. Make sure to remove your Apple watch from the leather band first.

  2. Next, wipe the leather with a lint-free cloth.

    If you use water, use a minimal amount on your cloth. Don't submerge the leather band, it isn't water resistant.

  3. Allow the band to dry thoroughly and then reattach it to your watch.

How to Clean Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch itself also needs some proper care. Debris can gather in the nooks and crannies around the watch face and other grime can cause your screen to blur. The good news is cleaning your Apple Watch is simple.

According to Apple, it's critical that you avoid using soap, cleaning products, any abrasive material, compressed air, or heat sources of any kind when cleaning your watch.

  1. First, make sure your Apple Watch is turned off. You'll also want to remove your band to ensure proper cleaning.

  2. Start by wiping your watch with a lint-free cloth.

  3. If that doesn't do the trick, you can add some water to the cloth and try again.

    Since the Apple Watch is water resistant, you can hold it under a small amount of running water for 10 to 15 seconds. According to Apple, the water should be warm to the touch and fresh.

  4. To clean the Digital Crown, hold it under a small amount of running water.

  5. Move it by turning it to loosen up any debris.

  6. Dry the front and back of the Apple Watch and replace the band. Make sure you dry the watch completely, including the space between the crown.

A little bit of prevention can also help you keep your Apple Watch and its band clean. For example, be sure to keep your skin as dry as possible by toweling off after a workout. It's also important to be careful when using liquids such as sunscreen and lotion around the watch.