1997 Blade Runner Game is Coming to Your 2020 Console

Nightdive Studios is remastering the classic movie video game

Why This Matters:

Based on Ridley’s Scott’s dystopian 1982 classic, the Blade Runner game was considered ahead of its time and a hit back in 1997. Gamers are nothing if not nostalgic, even though many were not born when this game released. The remaster could attract current gamers and their parents who might remember playing the original.

Blade Runner Game
Blade Runner Enhanced Edition.  Nightdive Studios

Rick Deckard’s world is coming back, or at least the gamer version of it. The 1997 Blade Runner game is being resurrected by Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment and brought to PCs, Xbox, PlayStation and Steam platforms.

Why care about an old game? The original Blade Runner game from Westwood Studios (based on the dark, tech-noir, 1982 thriller) was one of the most highly regarded games of its generation. It featured 24-bit graphics, excellent cinematic scenes and a highly engaging story line. A 1997 PC Magazine review of the game described it this way, "Blade Runner is unlike any other adventure game we've seen before and should be one of the year's best."

Making something old new. Nightdive Studios plans to restore the game using its proprietary KEX game engine, upscaling existing cut scenes and other graphic elements using artificial intelligence. The company has previously restored and re-released System Shock: Enhanced Edition and Forsaken Remastered.

Enough, when can I get it? The company plans to release Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition later this year for PCs, consoles and on Steam. Pricing has not been set.

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