Review: Civilization Revolution for the iPad

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Civilization Revolution is an attempt to bring the most popular PC strategy game franchise to consoles and mobile devices, and in terms of replicating the same addicting gameplay and the awe of moving a civilization through history, the attempt is a resounding success. Civilization Revolution combines both the old and new, with shorter game sessions reminiscent of the original Civilization and some of the great additions made to the franchise over the years, such as unique troops for specific civilization.

Longstanding players of the series won't be surprised to learn that Civilization Revolution starts with a single settler looking to establish the capital city of their civilization. From this single city, the player begins the game by exploring the map, finding both aggressive barbarians and other civilizations while scouting out the best locations for future cities.

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The player also chooses which scientific discoveries to pursue, and it is through sharp decision making that leads experienced players to uncover key discoveries that will aid them in their game winning strategy. And this strategy isn't always the same. Since victory can be established multiple ways, the strategy involved in researching new technologies will change. A military minded research program is great when going for world domination while paying more attention to religion and the arts will be key for a cultural victory.

But even for those peace-loving players, war sometimes becomes a necessity. One neat thing in Civilization Revolution is the ability to band units together into a stack of three, thus raising their ability to destroy the enemy. Battle is played out in classic Civilization fashion, with units bombarding each other on the game map and victory achieved in relatively short order.

Civilization Revolution is easily one of the top strategy games for the iPad. It remains true to the series, encompassing the rise and fall of civilization while offering multiple ways to play the game. In that regard, the iPad version of the game is quite a success. The one major downside is the lack of online multiplayer, which stunts the ability to grind your friends into the dust of time.

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