How to Chromecast to Your Fire Stick

Not all phones support it, but there is a workaround

What to Know

  • Some Android devices can cast to Fire Sticks using Miracast.
  • Google removed Miracast functionality starting with Android 6.0, but manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, etc. still support it.
  • If your phone doesn’t support Miracast, you can cast to your Fire Stick using an app like Screen Mirroring.

This article explains how to Chromecast to your Fire Stick. Instructions are included for casting to Fire Stick from Android devices that support Miracast, and for using an app if your device doesn’t have Miracast functionality.

Can I Chromecast to Fire Stick?

Android devices are designed to cast seamlessly to Chromecast devices with the tap of a button. That functionality isn’t available for Fire Stick. While Fire Sticks do support screen mirroring through Miracast, Google removed support for Miracast from stock Android starting with Android 6.0.

The functionality is still available in some Android phones, but only if the phone manufacturer decides to include it. For example, many Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus phones still support casting, or wireless display mirroring, through Miracast.

If your phone supports Miracast, then you can cast from your phone to your Fire Stick. If it doesn’t, then you will need to use a workaround like installing the Screen Mirroring app to both your Fire Stick and your phone. With this app installed, you can cast to your Fire Stick from your Android even if it doesn’t support wireless display mirroring natively. It also works with iPhone.

How Do I Cast to Fire Stick?

To cast to a Fire Stick from an Android phone that supports Miracast, you need to put the Fire Stick into display mirroring mode, and then connect your phone. Once you’ve established a connection, your phone’s display will be mirrored on the display that’s connected to your Fire Stick.

Here’s how to cast to Fire Stick like Chromecast:

  1. On your Fire Stick, open Settings.

    Fire Stick settings with Settings highlighted
  2. Select Display & Sounds.

    Display and Sounds highlighted in Fire Stick Settings.
  3. Select Enable Display Mirroring.

    Enable Display Mirroring highlighted in Fire Stick settings.
  4. Wait for the screen to display that mirroring is active.

    A Fire Stick ready for casting with mirroring active message highlighted
  5. Open the Settings app on your phone and select Connections > Bluetooth.

  6. Tap Connection preferences.

  7. Tap Cast.

    Phone Settings with Bluetooth & device connection, Connection preferences, and Cast highlighted
  8. Tap the three vertical dots menu icon.

    If your phone doesn’t have a menu icon on this screen, it doesn’t support native casting to Fire Sticks and other non-Chromecast devices. Devices with stock Android, like Google Pixel, don't have this menu icon.

  9. Tap Enable wireless display.

  10. Tap your Fire Stick in the list of devices.

    Cast settings with the Menu icon, "Enable Wireless Display" and fire stick device highlighted
  11. Your phone display is now mirrored to your Fire Stick. Open the app you want to cast, and rotate your phone into horizontal mode.

Why Is My Fire Stick Not Supported for Chromecast?

If you see a message like “No nearby devices were found” in the cast menu on your phone, and there’s no option to enable wireless display, that means your phone doesn’t have the built-in ability to cast to a Fire Stick. Android used to include this functionality by default, but Google removed it in Android 6.0. Some phone manufacturers add it back in, while others don’t.

If your Android phone can’t cast to Fire Stick, then you can install the Screen Mirroring app to your Fire Stick and your phone. This also works with iPhone, so it’s a good option if you have both iOS and Android devices in your home that you would like to cast from.

How to Cast to Fire Stick From Android and iPhone Without Miracast

If your phone doesn’t support built-in casting, then you’ll have to use a third-party app. There are a lot of different apps that provide some level of streaming functionality with a variety of results. Screen Mirroring is an example that works on both Android and iPhone. It mirrors your screen instead of just casting files from your phone, and works even if your phone doesn’t support Miracast.

Here’s how to cast to Fire Stick using the Screen Mirroring app:

  1. Install Screen Mirroring on your Fire Stick, and open it once it has finished installing.

  2. Install Screen Mirroring on your Android device or iPhone.

  3. Open the Screen Mirroring app on your phone, and tap the check mark.

  4. Tap your Fire TV in the list of devices.

  5. Tap Start Mirroring.

    Screen Mirroring app with checkmark, Fire Stick TV, and "Start Mirroring" highlighted
  6. Tap WATCH AD, and watch the ad.

    This is a free app, so you have to either watch an ad or purchase the pro version

  7. When you're done watching the ad, tap Start now.

  8. Your phone screen is now mirrored to your Fire Stick.

    Screen Mirroring app with "Watch Ad," "Start now," and connection message highlighted
  9. Select the app you want to cast, and watch it on your TV.

Is Chromecast Better Than Fire Stick?

It’s difficult to compare Chromecast devices and Fire TV devices directly because they do slightly different things. Chromecast devices are designed to receive input from a phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly, while Fire Stick and other Fire TV devices are designed primarily to function alone without any input from other devices. Casting to a Fire Stick is more finicky, since not all Android devices support it, and, in most cases, you need to use a third-party app.

Chromecast with Google TV is a specific Chromecast device that can be compared directly to the Fire Stick 4K. Unlike other Chromecasts, the Chromecast with Google TV can be used either with or without a phone just like a Fire Stick. They are priced similarly, support similar audio and video formats, but the Chromecast with Google TV is slightly more powerful and has access to more apps without needing to sideload.

  • How do I cast to a Fire Stick from a PC?

    To stream from a Windows PC to a Fire TV Stick, press and hold the Fire Stick's Home button, then select Mirroring. On your PC, open Notifications, click Connect, and select your Fire Stick. You'll see your PC screen mirrored on the TV.

  • How do I cast to a Fire Stick from a Mac?

    You can use AirPlay to mirror your Mac's screen on your Fire Stick. You'll need to install an AirPlay mirroring app on your Fire Stick, such as AirPlay Mirror Receiver or AirScreen. In your Mac's Display settings, enable Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available. Select AirPlay and your Fire Stick, and your TV will mirror your Mac's screen.

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