Chromebook Owners Can Now Play Advanced Titles With New Cloud Gaming Service

Hundreds of popular games available for instant play

Chromebook owners now have another option for cloud gaming, bringing advanced titles to the portfolio of low-powered laptops. 

Ukraine-based cloud gaming platform Boosteroid just announced a dedicated web app for Chromebook users, bringing an extensive catalog of games to the operating system. The service allows instant access to a high-end remote gaming desktop with hundreds of titles at your disposal. 

Boosteroid Chromebook


The demands are fairly reasonable here, with a minimum connection strength of 15 Mbps required to enjoy full HD games in 60 FPS. One interesting feature is that you use your actual Steam or Epic account when playing the games, so progress and trophies carry over when exiting the Boosteroid ecosystem. 

To that end, you do have to own the games you want to play or choose free-to-play titles. Boosteroid is not a content provider. It provides remote access to a cloud-based gaming PC. What you do with it is up to you. Not every game is available for the service, but updates constantly bring in new titles. 

Working titles include Elden Ring, Dark Souls III, GTA V, Company of Heroes 2, and many more. The service costs $10 each month, but Chromebook users also get a free month to try things out.

Boosteroid is a lesser-known player in the cloud gaming wars, having launched in 2019. The service has developed a following, with availability for PCs, Macs, smart TVs, Android devices, and Linux devices, in addition to Chromebooks. You can download the web app to get started. 

Correction 1/26/2023: Corrected an incorrect date and description in the final paragraph of the article.

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