Chrome Safe Browsing Will Soon Warn You About Bad Extensions

Plus more in-depth file scanning

Google has revealed plans to bring more advanced security features to Chrome, including a notification that users may not want to trust an extension.

Google said the new features will arrive soon, but did not reveal an exact date. According to The Verge, Chrome also will add the option to provide more in-depth scanning of any downloaded files, to help ensure you aren’t making your computer vulnerable to malware or viruses.

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The update also will bring better protection for users before they install an extension and give it access to their browser and computer. Google claims it has seen an 81% increase in unsafe extensions being disabled through Google Safe Browsing. Soon, safe browsing features will give users a prompt if an extension doesn’t meet the parameters set for it by the Developer Program Policies. Likewise, any extensions developed while following those guidelines will be considered trusted and let through without any issue.

Download protection is another key point Google will address with these additions. Soon, Enhanced Safe Browsing will offer more in-depth scanning of risky files, which it will block if they seem too dicey. You can, of course, bypass this blocking if you trust the download, but it will provide additional warning for any files you may need to worry about. To protect your privacy, Google says any uploaded files that are scanned are deleted shortly after.

New extension prompts in Google Chrome Safe Browsing


The new features will arrive in the browser's current build, Chrome 91, which already added freezing tag groups and other additions to the browser.

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