Chrome Gets Better Phishing and Malware Protections on iOS

Plus Chrome Actions and more

Several new features are bound for the iOS version of Chrome, including increased security measures for malware and phishing attacks.

A new announcement from Google details five new functions planned for the next version update for Chrome on iOS. It starts with Enhanced Safe Browsing, which has been available for Chrome elsewhere since 2020, coming to Apple mobile platforms. When enabled, it will preemptively warn you if a web page is unsafe and can notify you if your credentials (i.e., usernames, passwords) have been compromised.

An iPhone X on a book with several app icons, include the one for Chrome Browser, displayed.

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In addition to the new security layer, the next iteration will also add the option to set up password auto-fill through your iPhone. Something that looks to be a little smoother than the current method of saving passwords in Chrome on iOS.

Browsing is also getting an adjustment, with the addition of new Discover suggestions, and easier access to favorites, bookmarks, and recent tabs. All of which can be accessed from a fresh page in the browser.

To go along with the browsing changes, translations are also getting an update. According to Google, an updated language ID model will be able to determine the language used on a web page, then auto-translate it for you based on your language preferences.

Chrome iOS Discover and Chrome Actions in use


Finally, there are Chrome Actions, which will be accessible from Chrome's address bar. These actions serve as commands you can type into the address bar directly, rather than having to dig through menus and settings. Currently, the initial planned Chrome Actions include "clear browsing data," "open incognito tab," and "set Chrome as default browser."

The latest Chrome iOS update hasn't been released yet, but Google says it has even more planned for "the coming weeks," so we may be seeing the next update relatively soon.

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