Christmas Desktop Wallpaper for Mac, Windows, Linux

Decorate Your Computer or Smartphone with Christmas Cheer

If you're one of those people who just can't get enough of Christmas, be sure to decorate your Mac, Windows, or Linux as well as your house. A wide variety of free holiday-themed desktop wallpapers are available on the web. Whether your taste runs to vintage, traditional, modern, sentimental, or humorous, you're bound to find something you like.

Although the desktop wallpaper suggested here have been tested on our collection of Macs, they will work equally well on most computer systems. In addition, many of the sites listed have versions of the wallpaper for your iOS and Android smartphones. So no matter what computer system you're using, there is no excuse for not adding a bit of Christmas cheer to your favorite computer. After all, you are probably staring at that display all day long.

If you're not sure how to change your Mac desktop wallpaper, check out our guide:

And don't forget, you can change out your desktop icons as well:

Vladstudio: Desktop Wallpapers

Vladstudio traveling christmas tree wallpaper
Image courtesy Vladstudio

Vlad Gerasimov is a prolific and talented artist whose desktop wallpapers are a particular favorite of ours. The wallpapers are available in multiple sizes, suitable for the iPad, iPhone, iPhone 4, 21-inch iMac, 27-inch iMac, MacBook Air, and 24-inch and 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays, as well as other desktop and portable Macs. Images include snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, Christmas trees, flying Santas, Siberian winters, penguins, and a Christmas train. You'll also find Christmas and other e-cards and animated e-cards on Vlad's site, as well as apps and games for the iPad and iPhone. Holiday Wallpapers

Holiday tree in snow wallpaper
Image courtesy offers hundreds of holiday wallpapers from around the world; images include photos, paintings, and illustrations. The wallpapers are available in multiple sizes, and many are available in widescreen as well as standard formats. Images include Santa Claus in numerous poses and situations, snowmen, angels, teddy bears, Disneyland displays, candy canes, Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, ornaments, outdoor scenes, clay dolls, pets, cartoons, fantasy illustrations, and scenes from The Night Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and other storybooks.

Jinglebell Junction

Sanata, Elf, and Reindeer wallpaper
Courtesy of

The desktop wallpapers at Jinglebell Junction are guaranteed to make you smile. Although there are only five designs to choose from, they're all worth adding to your collection. There are two versions of Santa and his reindeer flying across the world, plus a snowman and his avian friends; Santa, a reindeer, and an elf rushing to deliver presents; and Santa getting ready to climb down a chimney. Each image is available in four different sizes, from 800x600 pixels to 1920x1080 pixels.

Free Christmas Wallpapers: Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas bear in show wallpaper
Image courtesy Free Christmas Wallpapers

The Free Christmas Wallpapers web site has a colorful collection of vintage and modern holiday wallpapers. Some of the images are fairly simple, which is nice if you don't like a busy desktop. Images include mistletoe, Santa and a reindeer building a snowman, a Christmas village, snowflakes, a white Christmas tree and snowflakes against a red background, a Christmas village and bear, an Apple icon sporting a Santa cap, and a country Christmas night.

Winter and Christmas Wallpapers (Windows and Mac)

Winter Wonderland in Lights wallpaper
Image courtesy

The website offers a free collection of hundreds of wallpapers that work on both Macs and PCs. The colorful wallpapers are available in 4:3, widescreen, and dual-screen formats. You can use the snowy winter images to decorate your desktop long past the holiday season. also has other seasonal desktop images, as well as wildlife, pets, and abstract images.

Sheeps Xmas

Sheep Xmas Tree wallpaper
Image courtesy bsign

If you're a fan of Aardman Studios' stop-animation characters, you'll love the Sheeps Xmas Tree wallpaper from bsign's Deviant Art web site. It features two sheep and a cow, plus stars, gifts, and lots of sparkle. Double-click the image for the full-size version, then right-click the image and select Save Image to "Downloads" from the pop-up menu.

Santa Claus Christmas Wallpaper

Melvin the Moose with his Christmas tree wallpaper
Courtesy of Christmas

Our favorite image in the Santa Claus Christmas Wallpaper collection shows Santa and four dancing reindeer surrounded by a seemingly endless bounty of presents. Although Santa and the reindeer are a tiny bit fuzzy, we're willing to overlook it for the amusement factor. The other seven images are a smiling Santa, two different Santas on snowy rooftops (one with reindeer), a high-tech Santa receiving a tweet, Santa and Rudolph with a Merry Christmas message, Santa and Rudolph on photo-shoot day at the North Pole, and a leaping Santa carrying a bag of goodies, surrounded by Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Cute Snowman Wallpaper

Snowman with Lantern wallpaper
Courtesy eWallpapers

No matter which Mac or iOS device you use, you'll probably find a version of the Cute Snowman Wallpaper to fit. There are even three versions of the wallpaper designed for HDTVs.

The Cute Snowman Wallpaper features a smiling snowman decked out in a red sweater, red hat, and red mittens, with a lantern hanging from the top of his walking stick. Snow is gently falling in the background.

The wallpaper is free for personal desktop use.

Christmas Tree Mac Wallpaper

Christmas tree Mac Wallpaper
Courtesy of AllMacWallpaper

 AllMacWallpaper is as you can imagine a collection of images that you can use as desktop wallpaper for your Mac. Besides the large collection of images, AllMacWallpaper makes selecting and downloading the right image for your Mac an easy process. All you need to do is click on an image you like and behind the scenes, AllMacWallpaper will discover your screen size and display that information, making it easy for you to pick from the available image sizes for download.