Choosing the Right VoIP Service

Which Type of VoIP Service Suits You Best?

One important step into adopting VoIP is to choose a VoIP service, which will allow you to make and receive cheap or free local and international phone calls. It is important to choose the right type of VoIP service. Your needs and the way you will communicate should help you decide which type of VoIP service to choose. The list below shows the existing types of VoIP service, and helps you decide which type suits you best.

Computer-Based VoIP Service

Woman communicating with man on computer
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Computer-based or software-based VoIP service is the most common among VoIP users. This type of VoIP service can be used for free in most cases, especially when they involve PC-to-PC communication over the Internet. You only have to download a VoIP application (called a softphone) that the VoIP service provides and install it on your machine, register for a free account, and talk. The calls are unlimited and free when you talk to people using the same VoIP service on their computers. Calls to mobile and landline phones are charged, but cheap. A headset is the minimal hardware required. Read more on computer-based VoIP service.

Residential/Office VoIP Service

This type of VoIP service is the one to replace your existing phone line at home or in the office. On signing-up for the VoIP service, which you can do online, you are sent an [link url=/od/hardware/p/whatisanATA.htm]ATA[/link] (phone adapter) that you plug, on one side, to your broadband Internet line and on the other to your regular phone set. The cost includes a once-off subscription fee and monthly fees, which are most of the time flat rates. Calls can either be made unlimited locally or towards certain destinations, or the service can cover a limited number of minutes. Read more on residential VoIP service.

Mobile VoIP Service

If, like anyone else, you are wondering how to cut down the cost of your mobile communication, a mobile VoIP service might be the solution. Cost is not the only thing about mobile VoIP - it also allows you to carry all the benefits and features that VoIP offers. Read more on mobile VoIP service.

No-Monthly Bill VoIP Service

Just like residential VoIP service, no-monthly bill VoIP service relies on a device shipped by the service provider, but the difference is that there is no monthly fee. Once you buy the device and get it running, you can make unlimited calls without ever getting bills every month. Read more on no-monthly bill VoIP service

Business VoIP Service and Solutions

You might have a network-centered business in which you want to deploy VoIP as an internal and external communication solution; or you might have a small enterprise with a small number of phones. Business VoIP service has solutions as packages, or tailored to your needs. If you want something simple, you can go for the business plans of residential VoIP services (item No. 2 above) or consider more specific and business-oriented VoIP solutions. Read more on business VoIP service.