Choosing a Blog Host - BlueHost Review

BlueHost Shared Hosting Works but It's Not Perfect for Bloggers

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Choosing a blog host can be confusing, but BlueHost shared hosting is a cheap option for beginner bloggers or bloggers who don't rely on the availability of their blogs to visitors.


BlueHost provides a full range of features, a decent amount of space and unlimited domain names to its users. A cPanel is offered, which makes it easy for you to manage and maintain your blog's hosting needs. You can see BlueHost's most recent list of features on the BlueHost website.

Uptime and Availability

BlueHost's uptime leaves a lot to be desired. The site claims its user uptimes are higher than many users actually report. In fact, many users complain that their sites are suddenly not available very frequently.


BlueHost's pricing is very competitive with other shared hosting packages from competitors. The features offered combined with the price makes BlueHost a good value for the money (as long as you're okay with having your blog unavailable sometimes). You can learn about BlueHost's current pricing on the BlueHost pricing page of their website.

Customer Service and Support

One of the biggest user complaints about BlueHost is its customer service. If something goes wrong with your blog due to a problem on the back-end, the customer service reps won't help you. If something goes wrong that is BlueHost's fault, they might not help you. Recently, a BlueHost customer complained that her BlueHost completely deleted her blog without her permission (verified story), and she couldn't restore it. If you use BlueHost shared hosting for your blog, make sure you have a reliable backup solution in place.


BlueHost shared hosting is a good blog hosting choice for beginner bloggers. It's cheap and offers plenty of features. However, as your blog grows, your traffic increases, your archives get bigger, and you become more reliant on your blog to make money, attract customers, or another reason, it might be time to move to a different host. If you use WordPress and need help if something goes wrong on the back-end of your blog, consider using a managed WordPress hosting provider.