Choosing the Account Used to Send a Message in Outlook

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Emails you compose in Outlook are sent using the default account. (The default account setting also determines what appears in the From field and your signature file if you've created one.) When you create a reply, Outlook by default sends it using the same account to which the original message was sent.

If you have multiple email addresses, though, you might have reason to send an email using an account other than your default. Fortunately, Outlook makes it simple and quick to override the default email setting.

Choose the Account Used to Send a Message in Outlook

To specify the account from which to send a message in Outlook:

  1. Click Account in the message windows (right beneath the Send button).

  2. Select the desired account from the list.

Change the Default Account

If you find you're using a different account more than the one you've set up as your default, you might want to change the default to save time and keystrokes. Here's how:

  1. Select the Tools menu.

  2. Click Accounts. To the left of the Accounts box, you'll see a list of your accounts; your current default appears at the top.

  3. Choose the account you want to use as default.

  4. Select Set as Default in the left pane, at the bottom.