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Update: Chill was shut down on December 15th, 2013.

According to a report from Gigaom, their premium content model didn't work out and the startup was forced to close up shop.

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Below, you'll find the original article to what Chill was all about. You're free to read it, but keep in mind that this service is no longer available to use!

Maybe you’re a huge fan of YouTube or Vimeo, with lots of channel subscriptions and videos to keep you busy. And maybe you’re a fan of the popular image sharing social network, Pinterest.

So what do you get when you put Video and a Pinterest-like design together? You get Chill -- a new and awesome way to share and discover video content on the web.

What Is Chill?

Chill is a web community that allows you to discover videos that your Facebook/Chill community friends are watching while also allowing you to share videos that you like. The layout of the Chill looks very similar to Pinterest's iconic layout and has similar features as well.

According to Chill’s FAQ section, the application currently supports videos sharing from YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo and Hulu. It also supports live streaming video content from Ustream, Livestream, and YouTube Live.

How to Use Chill

Using Chill is super easy. Here are some of the main things you'll want to get started with right away.

Sign up for an account: You can sign up for a free account through email or Facebook. If you sign up through Facebook, Chill will suggest users or friends using Chill for you to follow. You can choose to have your Chill activity set to on or off for sharing on your Facebook Timeline.

Install the bookmarklet: Just like Pinterest’s bookmarklet, Chill has one that sits in your browser’s toolbar and allows you to easily post new video content from whichever supported video website you may be watching. All you have to do is drag the pink Post to Chill button to your bookmarks bar and you’re all set.

Use collections: If you’re familiar with pinboards from Pinterest, you'll probably notice that collections are basically the same thing. They give you a way to organize your videos. Every time you post a new video, Chill will ask you which collection you want to use. You can also follow other collections created by other users.

Interact with users: You can follow individual collections, or you can follow users to see all their videos from collections on your Chill homepage. You can comment, repost, or leave a thought. Just press one of the visual icons on the bottom to leave your thought in the form of a smile, laugh, “wow” face, frown or heart.

Who Should Use Chill?

Chill is for anyone who wants to get really social with video content. Of course, if you’re already extremely active in the YouTube community, you may be asking yourself whether or not joining and interacting with Chill might be worth it.

Chill is great if you want better video content discovery from more sites than just YouTube with a closer community feel to it. And you can follow video content from categories like animals, art & design, business, celebrity, education, food & travel, funny, gaming, movies, music, nature, news & politics, sports, style & fashion, tech & science and television.

Inviting your friends to join Chill will obviously also enhance the experience. You can roll your mouse over your profile picture in the top right corner and choose “Find Friends” to expand your Chill network with people you already know.

Expert Review of Chill

I honestly haven’t found too much that I really dislike about Chill. It’s great for people who are enthusiastic about online video. Chill users previously needed a Facebook to sign up, but the platform has since expanded account registration through email as well.

The design of the site has gone through some changes over the short time it's been online, and every change I've seen definitely helps improve the overall experience. I love that the site takes inspiration from Pinterest like so many other sites do for design, but still remains unique as its own service.