Chevrolet Officially Announces All-Electric Corvette

With a hybrid model releasing next year

Many of the most iconic American cars have yet to receive the EV treatment, but that looks to be changing.

Chevrolet just announced that a fully electric version of their celebrated Corvette sports car is in the works, according to an official company tweet. The Corvette has long been synonymous with American fuel-guzzling muscle, so this is certainly a big step for the manufacturer. 

A rear-side view of a gas powered Corvette with Texas tags.

Adrian N / Unsplash

As for details, they are scant. Chevy announced that an “electrified”, otherwise known as a hybrid, Corvette is in the works for a 2023 release, but only revealed that the fully electric version will follow at some point after that. 

The company did release a video to advertise the move, but it is also short on details, with no information about maximum speed, battery life, or any other important metrics. 

There is no pricing information for either model, though the hybrid version will roll out to showrooms starting next year. 

One thing is likely, however, regarding the release window for the fully electric Corvette. It will probably happen sooner than later, as parent company GM promised to convert their entire line to electric vehicles by 2035.

Chevrolet tells consumers to “stay tuned” for more information on this fully electric Corvette. 

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