What is CheetahMail?


CheetahMailis a top-notch email marketing service with excellent segmenting capabilities for targeted, personalized messages, detailed analysis for tracking and optimization, and many other goodies.

Pros of Chetahmail

  • CheetahMail offers outstanding list segmentation
  • Detailed reports and customizable analysis tools
  • Helps you avoid wording commonly found in spam

Cons of Chetahmail

  • Message editor not very user-friendly
  • Poor online help across CheetahMail

Description of Cheetahmail

  • CheetahMail is a fully featured email marketing service.
  • Free-form SQL queries let you segment lists for advanced targeting and personalization.
  • Tracks open rates, click-throughs, and purchases. Campaigns can be optimized for behavioral patterns.
  • CheetahMail hosts forms, preference centers, and surveys, and provides manual and automatic data sync.
  • Supports plain text and HTML messages, sending HTML capabilities and optimizing for AOL, too.
  • CheetahMail lets you check the spam score of your mail, links can be updated even after delivery.
  • High-speed mail delivery can be throttled, bounces are handled, and timely responses can be ensured.
  • Viral marketing tools let you track and build upon existing customers forwarding messages.
  • Detailed analysis of user behavior across campaigns, purchases, demographic data, and more.
  • CheetahMail can assist with every aspect of email marketing campaigns, from training to creative.

Bottom Line

CheetahMail provides a powerful and highly effective email marketing service. Several tools exist to tackle the essential ingredient for successful campaigns: personalization.

CheetahMail is not limited to simple segmenting and reporting of open rates or click-throughs. It can analyze the behavior of subscribers across campaigns in any way that makes sense. Flexible segmenting and mail merging let you take advantage of this analysis. CheetahMail can also host forms, preference centers and surveys to collect customer data.

While the message editor supports plain text and HTML mail (plus AOL) and offers message templates, it is neither particularly capable nor user-friendly, but full service and support make sure you're never at a loss.

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