How to Check Your Yahoo! Mail Quota

Learn how much space you have left

Yahoo Mail includes 1 TB (a terabyte, around 200 high-definition movies) of online storage. The storage limit includes attachments your messages contain. Filling all of this space might take a while. But it's possible, especially if some emails are large and full of attached files.

If you think you've used a substantial amount of your Yahoo Mail storage quota and risk running into a limit that will prevent you from sending and receiving further emails, you can check the status of your Yahoo! Mail account's online space.

These instructions apply to the full web version of Yahoo Mail.

How to Check Your Yahoo Mail Quota

To find out how much of your storage limit you're using in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the settings gear icon in Yahoo Mail.

    Yahoo email alert
  2. Select More Settings.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  3. Your total storage and the percentage of it you're using appears in the lower-left corner of the window.

    Yahoo Mail storage limit
  4. You can't get a breakdown of what you're storing in your Yahoo account, but you can decrease it.

How to Free Up Space in Your Yahoo Mail Account

If you're nearing the upper limit of your storage quota in Yahoo Mail, you can do some things to reduce the size:

  1. Empty the Trash and Spam folders. Click the trash can icons next to these folders in the left panel of the screen.

    Check Yahoo Mail storage limit
  2. Search for messages that contain attachments in Yahoo Mail on the web. Enter "has:attachment" in the Search field in Yahoo Mail. These emails take up more space than ones that only have text, so you can delete or archive ones you don't need anymore.

    Make sure you select All mail for Search in (in front of the search field).

    Check storage in Yahoo Mail
  3. Archive old or large mail to your computer's local storage or another Yahoo Mail (or another free email) account. Set up the account from which you want to archive using IMAP in an email program that supports multiple IMAP accounts.

    You have two options for archiving your email:

  4. Delete batches of unwanted emails by searching for messages containing a keyword like "Unsubscribe," and then trashing all of the emails in the results at once. You can also click the magnifying glass next to a sender's name in your Inbox to pull up all emails from that address.

    Check storage limit in Yahoo Mail
  5. Clean out your Inbox daily to keep messages from piling up.

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