How to Spell Check Yahoo! Mail Messsages

Using your browser can be a good workaround

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Spelling mistakes in email messages are embarrassing and best avoided. Yahoo! Mail does not include a built-in spell checker but that doesn't mean you can't check the spelling another way.

Fortunately, most web browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, have built-in spell checkers that do a pretty good job at checking for errors as you type. When an error is found, a squiggly line is shown below the problem word so that you can right-click it for word suggestions.

Spell Check Yahoo! Mail Messages

Since the method for spell check is different for each web browser, follow these instructions next to the browser you want to use with Yahoo! Mail.


  1. From the Firefox menu, choose Options.

    Screenshot of Options in Firefox menu
  2. Go to the Language section in the General panel.

  3. Put a check in the box next to Check my spelling as I type.

    Check spelling as you type in Firefox
  4. There are plenty of language packs you can download for Firefox if you want to add a new dictionary to the browser.

Chrome and Opera

Safari: From the body portion of the Yahoo! Mail message, right-click the text area and make sure the Check Spelling While Typing option is enabled in the Spelling and Grammar menu. This can also be enabled through the Edit menu.

You can optionally check for grammar mistakes too if you enable the option called Check Grammar With Spelling.

Choose Show Spelling and Grammar from the same menu if you want to change the dictionary Safari uses for spell check or if you want to move through each word individually to see word suggestions one at a time.

  1. Right-click the text field in the body of the message to find the Spellcheck menu; make sure the Check the spelling of text fields option is enabled.

    Spellcheck in Chrome
  2. From that menu, choose Language settings to open the Languages screen in Chrome.

  3. Make sure the option called Use this language for spell checking is enabled.

    Chrome language settings
  4. From that screen, use the Add button to include other spell check language packs and use the Custom spelling dictionary link to add or remove your own dictionary entries.