How to Have AOL Mail Automatically Check Your Spelling

You don't have to remember to do it manually with every message

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Everyone misspells words from time to time. When writing an email, though, it's important to use correct spelling so recipients know exactly what you want to communicate. AOL Mail includes a smart tool that checks for and corrects each spelling mistake. Set up AOL Mail to use this tool automatically on each outgoing email message you send.

Set Up Automatic Spell Check in Outgoing AOL Mail

To check the spelling on each outgoing email automatically:

  1. Open a web browser, go to, and log in. Or, go to and select Mail.

    Mail button in left pane of AOL mail on the web
  2. Select Options and choose Mail Settings.

    Mail Settings menu item in AOL Mail on the web
  3. In the left pane, select Compose.

  4. In the Sending section, select the Check spelling before sending messages check box.

    Check spelling before sending messages checkbox in AOL Mail on the web
  5. Select Save Settings.

Automatic spell-checking is not available with the AOL app for mobile devices.

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