How to Spellcheck as You Type in Mozilla Thunderbird

Laptop, speed typing, screen glowing in the dark
Check your spelling as you type in Mozilla Thunderbird. Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

It's an inescapable truth: If you type, you make mistakes. As fingers hurry over a keyboard, they sometimes hurry too fast and too far. Sometimes, it's not a typo; rather, it's a matter of not knowing how to spell a word you're unfamiliar with. Whatever the case, you usually can rely on Mozilla Thunderbird's spellchecker to catch—and correct—your typos. With inline spell checking, it even does so immediately, as you type.

Check Your Spelling as You Type in Mozilla Thunderbird

To have Mozilla Thunderbird check the spelling in the emails you write as you write them:

  1. Select Preferences from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Go to the Composition category.

  3. Choose the Spelling tab.

  4. Make sure Enable Spell Check as You Type is checked.

  5. Close the preferences window.

While composing an email, you can turn the inline spellchecker on or off for just this message by selecting Options > Spell As You Type from the menu.

Choose Your Language

You also can specify the language Thunderbird is to use for spellchecking under Preferences > Composition > Spelling.