How to Spellcheck as You Type in Mozilla Thunderbird

Correct those typos and embarrassing spelling errors

Typos, like mistakes, are natural. As your fingers hurry over a keyboard, you can sometimes hurry too fast and too far. Other times, it's merely a matter of not knowing how to spell a word. Use the Mozilla Thunderbird spellchecker to catch and correct typos and spelling errors. With inline spell checking, you can correct errors immediately as you type.

Check Your Spelling as You Type in Mozilla Thunderbird

To have Mozilla Thunderbird check the spelling in emails as you write them:

  1. Go to the Thunderbird menu and select Preferences.

    Preferences under the Thunderbird menu
  2. Select the Composition tab.

    The Composition heading in Thunderbird Preferences
  3. Under Spelling, select the Enable spellcheck as you type check box.

    The "Enable spellcheck as you type" option
  4. To change the spellcheck dictionary, select the Language drop-down menu, and choose an option.

    The Language menu for spelling

While composing an email, you can turn the inline spellchecker on or off by selecting Options > Spellcheck As You Type from the menu.

The "Spellcheck As You Type" toggle under Options in Thunderbird