Check the Service Status

Is ( Down? Here's How to Check

Is Microsoft aware that has been down for hours? Are they working on a fix? If you're having problems with or you think it might be down, you can check with Microsoft to be sure where the problem lies.

Using Microsoft's service status page linked below, you can find out if Microsoft is having troubles with, in which case it isn't your problem, or if nothing is wrong on their side, in which case you can be confident that the issue rests with your own network, web browser, or ISP.

How to Tell If Is Down

Visit the Office 365 Service Status page to see the service of If on that page, under the Current status column, you see a green checkmark next to, it means that from Microsoft's perspective, nothing is abnormal with the service.

Another way to see if the website is down is to use another web service like Down For Everyone Or Just Me or Down Detector. If those websites show that is down, chances are it's down for everyone or a vast majority of users, in which case you just have to wait for Microsoft to fix it.

With Down Detector, you can even see how many users reported issues over the last 24 hours (or longer). This is great if is experiencing problems sporadically -- working sometimes but not loading other times. 

How to Fix Issues

If is up and running just fine on Microsoft's side, it means that there's a problem accessing it from your side, which might be due to your own computer, network, or service provider.

If you see a green checkmark on the service status page but you're still having problems with your mail, there are a few things you should try in order to get working again:

If after performing those steps with your web browser, computer, and network, is still down, the only other assumption that can be made is that your internet service provider isn't letting you access the website. That, or they themselves are unable to access

Call your ISP to check if their other subscribers are having similar issues.