Check Out These Mac Versions of Your Favorite Logitech Accessories

It's more than just cosmetic

Logitech has four new versions of its popular computer accessories, designed inside and out specifically for Macs.

Mac users who prefer their mouse and keyboard to be tailored to their system rather than universal across all platforms have a few more options to choose from out of Logitech's catalog. The third-party accessory company has dedicated Mac versions of its MX Mechanical Mini and K380 Bluetooth keyboards, as well as its MX Master 3S mouse and Lift vertical mouse on the way. All devices that Logitech says provide "full compatibility" due to being designed from the ground up specifically for Mac hardware.

K380 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, in the new Blueberry colorway


The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac keyboard also looks the part, with Space Gray and Pale Gray color choices to better match your system's exterior. But beyond that, it also provides a Mac-specific key layout—complete with dedicated keys to quickly switch between macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

As for the K380, it offers a more minimal, laptop-like design that Logitech claims works "seamlessly" across various Apple devices. It's also available in a brand new Blueberry color scheme for those looking for their accessories to come in something other than a version of gray.

MX Mechanical Mini keyboard for Mac and Lift mouse for Mac


Not much has physically changed for the Life vertical mouse, but it's still touting the same ergonomic comfort as its non-Mac counterparts, while the MX Master 3S for Mac mouse provides the extras—an electromagnetic wheel that scrolls up to 1000 lines per second, up to 8000 dpi precision, and quiet clicks—in Pale and Space Gray options. And much like the MX Mechanical Mini, the MX Master 3S can also connect and quickly switch between three different Apple devices.

All of Logitech's new additions to its "Designed for Mac" series release globally this September from Logitech itself and other major retailers, though a precise date hasn't been given. You can order the Mac versions of the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard for $149.99, the MX Master 3S mouse for $99.99, the Lift vertical mouse for $69.99, or the K380 keyboard for $39.99.

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