Breakout the Google I/O Page Easter Egg

Play a ball-and-paddle-style game to solve for a missing word

If you've registered for Google's I/O conference that starts on Tuesday, you'll notice a countdown clock with several colorful dots on the event page. Click one of those dots and you'll find a fun little Breakout-style video game to play, complete with falling letters that spell out a message from Google.

Google I/O's registration page Breakout-style game

While we don't want to spoil the puzzle for you, it's pretty on-brand for Google developers. Unfortunately, if you clear the entire field of dots, you'll only get a congratulations message, but that's fine. It's a lovely time-waster, if nothing else, and it keeps a focus on the virtual conference, which runs from May 18 through the 20.

This isn't the first Google I/O Easter egg, of course. The 2013 event had a Google logo made up of cats, and an associated developer puzzle to solve.

Google's annual developer event typically includes a bevy of keynotes, training sessions, and other newsworthy happenings, and this year, while virtual, I/O seems to have plans for all the above.

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