How to Check if Your Apple Watch Is Under Warranty

Quickly check your status and find out what's covered

Over time, your Apple Watch may show signs of normal wear and tear. But if you have more significant issues with your wearable's functioning, you may want to check your Apple Watch warranty status to see if your device is eligible for repair. Here's how to check your Apple Watch AppleCare warranty status using the Apple Support app or the online coverage-check portal.

The AppleCare warranty doesn't cover issues with batteries, scratches, dents, or normal wear and tear.

Using Black Apple Watch Sport and checking to see what the Apple Care warranty status is
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Check the Warranty Using the Apple Support App

The Apple Support app is an easy way to see information about all of your Apple products associated with an Apple ID, including your devices' warranty status.

  1. Download and install the Apple Support app from Apple's App Store.

  2. Select your Apple Watch from the list of your devices.

    Download the Apple Support app and select your Apple Watch
  3. Tap Device Details.

  4. View your coverage info.

    Select Device Details and then view your warranty status

    Most Apple products, including Apple Watches, come with a one-year limited warranty. To extend this warranty, check out your AppleCare+ for Apple Watch options.

Check Your Warranty Status Online

Apple also makes it easy to look up your warranty status online using your device's serial number. Find your device's serial number through the Apple Support app or your Watch app, and then visit Apple online to check your warranty status.

Find Your Serial Number With the Apple Support App

  1. Open the Apple Support app and select your Apple Watch from the list of your devices.

  2. Tap Device Details.

  3. Find your serial number.

    Use the Apple Support app to locate your Apple Watch serial number

Find Your Serial Number via the Watch iPhone App

The Apple Watch app on your iPhone gives you another quick way to locate your device's serial number.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app and select your device.

  2. Select General.

    Open the Apple Watch app and select your device and then General
  3. Select About. You'll see your Apple Watch's serial number.

    Find your Apple Watch serial number in the Apple Watch app

Check Your Apple Watch Warranty Online With Serial Number

Now that you have your serial number, visit the Apple Watch warranty center online.

  1. Navigate to Apple's Check Coverage center.

  2. Enter your device's serial number, fill in the Captcha, and select Continue.

    Apple's Check Coverage portal
  3. You'll see your device's full warranty information.

    Apple device full coverage listed

    From this screen, select Set up a Repair if you need to get your Apple Watch fixed.

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