How to Chat With eBuddy.lock (Formerly XMS)

Use the eBuddy.lock mobile app to chat on iOS and Android

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eBuddy.lock is a mobile messaging app that supports text and mobile messages. You can also send attachments such as photos and videos through eBuddy.lock.

Instructions in this article apply to the eBuddy.lock mobile app for iOS and Android.

How to Sign Up With eBuddy.lock

The original eBuddy was a web-based messaging client that was discontinued in 2013. It was replaced by a mobile and desktop messenger called XMS, which was abandoned by developers in favor of an exclusive mobile app. Even if you had an account with these older services, you'll need to create a new eBuddy.lock account.

  1. Download and install eBuddy.lock from the app store for your device.

  2. Open the app, then tap Terms & Privacy Policy to read the user agreement or tap Continue.

  3. Tap Continue to allow access to your contacts and media files.

    Downloading and installing ebuddy
  4. Tap Allow if prompted to grant further access to your device files.

  5. Enter your phone number, select Next, then enter the verification code sent to your device.

  6. Enter the name you want others to see while chatting, then tap Finish.

    Setting up ebuddy

How to Chat With the eBuddy.lock App

Tap the pencil (located in the lower-right corner) to go to your messages, then tap the contact you wish to message. You can also search for names and phone numbers. If you send a message to a number that isn't linked to an eBuddy.lock account, you have the option to send them an invitation to join eBuddy.lock.

Tap Note to Self to send messages to yourself. This feature is handy for grocery lists and reminders.

Creating a Note to Self in ebuddy

You have several options while chatting:

  • Type the message and tap Enter on the onscreen keyboard to send.
  • Touch and hold the microphone in the message field to record a voice message, then release the microphone to send the audio recording.
  • Tap the camera to take a snapshot. You can edit photos within the app.
  • Tap the plus sign (+) to attach images or other files.

While you can send pre-recorded video and voice messages, eBuddy.lock no longer supports voice and video chat.

eBuddy.lock Settings and More Options

On the home screen, select the three vertical dots (located in the upper-right corner) to reveal a menu with more options:

  • Tap New Group to organize contacts into groups to keep track of conversations.
  • Tap Invite to send links to friends through text or social media to invite them to chat.
  • Tap Settings to change the app appearance, turn off notifications, and adjust privacy preferences.
Ebuddy/XMS messaging app with the Settings screen highlighted