How to Chat with Somebody in AIM Mail

Chit chat
Chatting via instant messages is easy in AIM Mail. Flickr/mukluk

You can send instant messages using AIM right in AIM Mail and AOL Mail on the web.

Email Not Instantaneous Enough?

Email is for, roughly, next-day response.

Need an answer right now? And your contact is online, you guess, logged into AIM?

AIM Mail and AOL Mail on the Web are AIM, Too

In AIM Mail or AOL Mail, you can not only send emails and attachments with which the recipient can deal whenever they prefer. You can also instantly message everybody connected to AIM — provided you know their screen name, of course.

How to Chat with Somebody in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

To engage in an instant messaging conversation in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

Ensure you are signed in to AIM:

  1. Make sure the AIM panel is visible.
    • To show the AIM panel, click the AIM header beneath your list of email folders.
  2. Click START CHATTING if you are not yet online.

Locate the contact:

  • From the AIM panel:
    • Click on the desired contact's screen name.
  • From an email the desired contact sent:
    • Open the message.
    • Click the sender's name or email address.
    • Select Chat from the menu that has appeared.
  • From AIM Mail or AOL Mail Contacts:
    • Click on the contact's AIM screen name in the AIM column.

Send your messages:

  1. Type away.
  2. Hit Enter or click Send to send.
    • Hit Shift-Enter to start a new line within a message.

You can also aggregate social updates with AIM in AIM Mail, and even post to multiple services or comment and like.

(Updated December 2015)