How to Chat With Somebody in Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo discontinued its Messenger service on July 17, 2018. Google Hangouts is a similar service that allows you to send and receive chats through your Google account, right from the Gmail interface.

You could send an email, wait for the reply, then confirm everything in yet another email. Or, if the contact is online, you can initiate a quick chat session in Yahoo Mail. Naturally, you'll only do that if the matter is pressing or if you have time to spare.

Instant messaging is not much different from sending an email in Yahoo Mail.

Enable Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail

To make sure Yahoo Messenger is enabled in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Messenger icon in the top navigation bar.

  2. Enter your first and last names on the Your Messenger Profile screen.

  3. Click Next.

Chat With a Contact in Yahoo Mail

After you enable the chat feature, here's how to exchange instant messages with any Yahoo Instant Messenger user in Yahoo! Mail:

You can't access chat if you're using Yahoo Mail Basic.

  1. Sign in to Chat. If Offline appears next to Me under MESSENGER in your Yahoo Mail's left sidebar, or if a bold icon appears next to MESSENGER, click Offline or the bolt icon.

    If a grey bolt appears next to Online Contacts in your Yahoo Mail's left navigation bar, click it to turn it yellow. Select Available, Busy, or Invisible from the list. You can also select Custom Status to sign in with your account set to a custom state.

  2. Press I (as in "instant message"). Alternatively, click Messenger in the top Yahoo Mail navigation bar, and then click the compose icon.

  3. Type the recipient's Yahoo Messenger ID or email address under To.

  4. Press Enter.

  5. Type your message in the Add a message field.

  6. Click or type Enter to send the message.

  7. You can start a new line without sending by pressing Alt-Enter.