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Charlie Sorrel

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Charlie Sorrel has been writing about technology, and its effects on society and the planet, for 13 years. Previously, you could find him at Wired’s Gadget Lab, Fast Company’s CoExist, Cult of Mac, and Mac Stories. He also writes for his own site,


Charlie started out writing about tech and gadgets, bikes and photography, at Wired's Gadget Lab. He got more and more interested in how we use technology, the effect of tech on society, and on the environment.

After a fun stint as the reviews editor at Cult of Mac, Charlie spent a few years as a staff writer for Fast Company's now-defunct Co:Exist blog. He wrote about science, cities, public and alternative transit, food security, poverty, and far too many articles about self-driving cars. From then until now, Charlie has been writing how-tos for folks using Macs, iPads, and iPhones to help them get the most out of their gadgets. He also freelances for iFixit and writes about tech and ethics for Straight No Filter.

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