Apple Releases Charging Dock For Apple Watch

After a few third-parties beat it to the punch, Apple has officially released its own dock for the Apple Watch. The $79 device looks like a small disc, and is designed to charge the Apple Watch both lying down, and sitting an angle, how one might charge it when trying to take advantage of the Nightstand mode released with Watch OS 2.0.

The charger comes with an extra long lightening cable so it can make it from the charger to your wall outlet when sitting on a bedside table or desk, but does not include a wall charger, so you’ll need to either pick another one of those up from the Apple Store, or use the one that cable with your Apple Watch or phone.

At $79, the “official” Apple Watch dock is a fairly pricey purchase. While par for the course with similar Apple devices, if you’re looking for a charging dock there are a few other options available as well.

One of our favorites is this charging case for the Apple Watch that works as both a storage and charging option. That case is currently crowdfunding money in order for it to go into production. For now, there are a ton of other options out there that can make a nice replacement.

Mophie also makes a charging dock for the Apple Watch. Unlike Apple’s model that works as sort of a pad, the Mophie version is an aluminum stand that elevates the watch off the ground. The pedestal design could make it perfect for tighter spaces, such as a desk, where you don’t want to dedicate a ton of real estate to your Apple Watch charger. The Mophie charger works as a stand for your existing Apple Watch charging cable, so you’ll need that to make it work.

You can also purchase an additional charging cable to use specifically with the stand for around $30.

Nomad makes a similar charging dock for the Apple Watch. That model is considerably shorter in heigh than the Mophie version, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on where you plan on using it.

  The stand is made of anodized aluminum with a copper ballast and weighted base, so it won’t tip over in the night if you’re charging a watch with a heavier band. Like the Mophie charging dock, you’ll need to supply your own charging cable.

Of course, you can always opt to just charge your Apple Watch with the cable that was included with your Watch when you purchased it. Most of these solutions are just a fancier way of displaying that cable, and don't offer any additional functionality that you won't get from using the original cable out of the box.

If you tend to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch together at night, Griffin also makes a nice Apple Watch charging stand. The stand has a small area where your iPhone can rest, and then a stand that extends from the top, allowing your Apple Watch to charge above. While the dock is weighted to prevent tip overs, it's also made of plastic so it will have a slightly less polished look than some of the other options (and a cheaper price tag).

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