How to Charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch Without a Charger

You don’t need the original charger to power up your watch

What to Know

  • Obtain Qi wireless charger then place watch on charger and wait to charge. Reposition or remove strap if needed.
  • Or: Open Galaxy Phone Quick Settings > select Wireless PowerShare > place phone face-down on flat surface.
  • Next: Place watch on back of phone > reposition as needed until charging begins.

This article explains how to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without the charger.

How Can I Charge My Samsung Watch Without a Charger?

There’s no way to charge a Samsung watch without a charger, but you can use most wireless chargers if you don’t have access to the charger that came with your phone. Samsung watches use the Qi standard so that you can charge a Samsung watch on any compatible Qi charger. Some Qi chargers work better than others, though, so it’s a good idea to look for a wireless charging pad or station designed for watches.

If you can’t get your Samsung watch to charge on your wireless charger, and repositioning doesn’t help, the coils in the charger probably aren’t capable of charging the ones in your watch. If you notice excess heat when using a third-party charger, remove it immediately.

Here’s how to charge your Samsung watch without the original charger:

  1. Obtain a Qi wireless charger.

    Check if the manufacturer specifies that it works with Samsung watches, and look at the reviews to see if people have used it with your specific watch. The Galaxy Watch 4, in particular, is only guaranteed to work with the Galaxy Watch 4 charger and the Samsung Duo, but some third-party WPC-compliant Qi chargers do work.

  2. Place your watch on the charger.

  3. Reposition the watch as necessary until it starts charging.

  4. If necessary, remove the watch band. The watch band may cause the watch to sit too far away from the surface of the charger.

How Do I Charge My Samsung Watch With My Phone?

Many phones support Qi wireless charging to receive power from a charging station, but a few are capable of also reversing that process to charge other devices. Samsung's PowerShare feature available in some Galaxy phones allows you to charge devices from your phone, and it's meant to work with Galaxy watches. If your phone has this feature, you can charge your Samsung watch without the charger.

The power-sharing feature of other phones may work as well. If you use a non-Samsung phone with a similar feature, monitor your phone and the watch for excess heat, and remove the watch if it gets hot.

Here’s how to charge your Galaxy Watch with your Galaxy Phone:

  1. Charge your phone to at least 30 percent.

  2. Swipe down on the screen to open the quick settings.

  3. Tap Wireless PowerShare.

  4. Place your phone face-down on a flat surface.

  5. Place your watch on the back of the phone.

  6. Rotate and reposition the watch until it starts charging.

Can I Charge My Samsung Watch With Any Wireless Charger?

You can charge your Samsung watch without the charger it came with, but you can’t charge it without any charger at all, and you specifically need a wireless charger. There’s no way to connect a USB charger or any other kind of charger, so it's the only option.

If you've lost or misplaced your Galaxy Watch charger, or you're traveling and forgot it at home, you have two options:

  • Use a compatible Qi charging station: Galaxy watches use the Qi wireless charging standard, which means you can charge them with any compatible Qi charging pad or station.
  • Use a Galaxy phone that supports PowerShare: If you have a Galaxy phone that supports PowerShare, you can charge your Galaxy Watch wirelessly using the phone.
  • How do I charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a cradle?

    The only Samsung watch that comes with a special charging cradle is the Galaxy Fit2. The Fit2 isn't compatible with any other charging method and replacements aren't available from the Samsung store. If you lose the charging cradle to your Fit2, contact Samsung support for help.

  • How long does it take to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    The charging time for a fully depleted battery ranges from 3 to 4 hours on older models to 2 hours and under on newer Galaxy watches. After fully charging the battery to set up the Galaxy Watch 4, you don't need to wait hours; you can charge the device for 30 minutes and get 10 hours of battery life.

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