Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Small tweaks to help you charge your phone faster

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We have all been faced with this reality: we need to leave in fifteen minutes and the phone is almost dead. It's enough to make many people panic.

So how do you make your phone charge faster when you are in a hurry? There are tricks to make this happen, and all of them come with their own pluses and minuses. Let's take a look at some of the most common methods to make your phone charge faster.

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Put the Device Into Airplane Mode When Charging

iPhone Airplane Mode


What We Like
  • It disables the network of the phone and enables faster charging.

What We Don't Like
  • A phone on Airplane Mode is equal to a switched off device — you can’t make or receive calls, use the internet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi while this mode is selected.

One of the biggest factors that drain your phone battery fast is the network. This includes cellular, Bluetooth, radio, and Wi-Fi services. Even when you aren't using these services, they continue to run in the background and drain the power of your phone. When you put your phone to charge, these network services are still soaking up some power from the battery. The result is a longer charging time.

To make your phone charge faster, simply enable Airplane Mode to stop all network services. It has been found that charging your phone on Airplane Mode reduces charging time by up to 25 percent. That is helpful when you're in a hurry.

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Switch It off While Charging

Phones Charging

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What We Like
  • All background programs are stopped, and the battery is charged a lot faster.

What We Don't Like
  • Because the phone is off, you may not have an accurate idea of where your battery percentage is while charging.

When an active device is put on a charger, there are several background programs that slow down the charging time. A Wi-Fi connection, incoming calls, messages, and other features such as music and apps continue to drain the battery, preventing the phone from reaching a full charge and slowing down the charging session. What is even better than Airplane Mode when you want to charge up your phone even quicker? Shutting down the device completely.

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Charge With a Wall Socket

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What We Like
  • A wall socket gives a higher power output helping phones charge quickly in a shorter time.

What We Don't Like
  • Finding a wall socket is often inconvenient and not possible on the go. This is why planning ahead is essential.

When we are busy using our mobile devices, it is easier and more convenient to charge them in the car or on a computer. No one likes to walk around looking for a wall socket in a coffee shop, for instance, when you have your laptop with you. And why not use your car to charge your phone?

But did you know that charging your phone in the car or on a computer is a less than efficient option? While charging your phone via a wall socket gives a power output of 1A, charging the device in a car or on a computer gives an output of only 0.5A. While the latter is obviously a more convenient option, using a wall socket will decrease the amount of time your phone is charged.

Always use genuine chargers for charging your phone simply because they are optimized for that particular device. If your phone is Quick Charge compatible, you can buy a suitable Quick Charge socket that can deliver up to 9V/4.6 AMP output for charging the device up to 2.5 times faster than the OEM supplied charger, for example. 

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Use a Power Bank

Powerbank charging smartphone near a computer


What We Like
  • Faster charging on the go is made a reality by power banks.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all USB cables are capable of handling all that extra power.

  • It is another device you must carry with you.

  • Can be expensive and may may not be worth the extra cost.

Charging on the go is something we all do because of all the use that our phones go through. When a wall socket or a computer isn't available, you have to resort to other options.

In most cases, a mobile power pack is very helpful. It often provides equal amperage like other charging methods, leading to faster charging on the go. A power bank is particularly helpful when you are out for an entire day and need to charge your phone.

But while power banks do offer incredible fast charging, you have to make sure your USB cable is strong enough to handle all that power. If it isn't strong enough, it could lead to a fused cable.

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Charge With a Quality Cable

broken iphone cable

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What We Like
  • The higher amps a cable can carry, the better the charging speed.

What We Don't Like
  • Finding the right cable for a phone can be a little difficult.

  • This is an added cost, and can often be more expensive than a standard, manufacture cable.

It's widely known that the standard cable that comes with a phone is never that stellar. The two wires inside the cable responsible for charging determine how fast your phone charges. A standard 28-gauge cable — the default cable of all low quality default cables — can carry about 0.5A, while a larger 24-gauge cable can carry 2A. The amps are what enhance the charging speed.

If you think your default USB cable isn’t charging fast enough, get a new, 24-gauge cable.

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Don't Use Your Phone While Charging

Phone charging on wood table

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Using the phone while it is being charged will increase the amount of time required to charge the phone completely or at all. The reason is simple — though the phone battery is getting charged, it is being drained simultaneously by phone network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and apps that are being used at that moment. It’s like filling a bucket with water with multiple holes at the bottom. 

You will be able to fill the bucket with water, but it will take longer with the holes filled.

Never have trouble with a dying phone anymore. Use these tricks to charge your phone faster and have a fully active device all the time or at least much quicker when the battery is running low.