Is It Bad to Charge an iPhone With an iPad Charger?

Plus, will that make it charge faster?

What to Know

  • According to Apple's site, the 12 Watt USB Power Adapter is safe for charging your iPhone (iPhone 5 and later) with your iPad charger.
  • The phone draws the amount of power it needs; the power adapter doesn't "push" the power into the phone.
  • Charging your iPad with your iPhone charger will also work; it will just take longer.

This article provides information about whether or not it is safe to charge your iPhone with your iPad charger (it is) and why, as well as providing additional information about switching charging cables between your iPhone and iPad.

Is It OK to Use an iPad Charger for an iPhone?

Yes, it's safe to charge your iPhone with an iPad charger. Based on the compatibility chart on Apple's 12-watt USB Power Adapter product page, the more powerful charging brick is compatible with iPhone models from the iPhone 5 and later.

Furthermore, if you have a 30-watt adapter, the compatibility page for the 30-watt adapter states it is compatible with the iPhone 8 and newer.

Does iPhone Charge Faster With iPad Charger?

If you charge your iPhone with your iPad charger, your iPhone will charge as normal, and once fully charged, it will stop charging because iPhones have battery technology that stops charging once completely full.

You may get some fast-charging benefits from charging your iPhone with your iPad charger. In fact, according to Apple, fast charging for iPhones works with 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W USB-C Power Adapters.

What Happens if I Charge My iPhone With an iPad Charger?

You should see no differences (other than the length of time it takes to charge your iPhone) when you're using your iPad charger for your iPhone. However, note that if you try to charge your iPad with the lower wattage iPhone charger, it will still charge, but it will take longer.

  • How do I charge an iPhone 12?

    Apple recommends that you use the iPhone 12 with its 20W USB-C charger, along with the included USB-C to Lightning cable.

  • Why won't my iPhone charge?

    If your iPhone is charging slowly or not charging at all, examine the charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage or debris. Try replacing the cable and see if this solves the problem. If you're still having problems, force-restart your iPhone, then let it charge for another 30 minutes. If the iPhone still won't charge, contact Apple support.

  • How do you charge an iPhone without a charger?

    If you don't have access to an AC adapter and wall outlet, you have a few options. Try using a car charger or charge your phone wirelessly with a compatible Qi-certified wireless charger. You can also use a USB cable to charge the iPhone via your laptop, use a portable charger, or try a charging case. There are even hand-cranked and solar chargers out there for when you're really off the grid.

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