How to Charge an Apple TV Remote

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What to Know

  • Connect the Siri Remote to an outlet or computer using a Lightning-to-USB cable.
  • Check its charging status by going to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote.
  • Older Apple TV remotes use a replaceable CR 2032 battery.

If you're running a 4th-generation or later Apple TV, it will alert you when your Siri Remote needs a charge. Here's how to get it powered back up.

How to Charge an Apple TV Remote

You'll start seeing notifications on your TV once your Siri Remote's battery falls to 20%. To start it charging, connect one end of a Thunderbolt cable (you should have received one with your Apple TV) to the port on the bottom of the remote, and then plug the other into the USB port of a computer or a wall adapter.

The charging port is in the same place in both the first- and second-generation Siri Remote.

The charging port on an Apple TV Siri Remote

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How Do I Know if my Apple TV Remote Is Charging?

The Siri Remote doesn't have a physical indicator to show it's charging, but you'll receive another notification on your TV that it's connected to power. To check the status and current battery level, look in the menus on the Apple TV.

  1. Open the System app on your Apple TV's home screen.

    The Settings App on an Apple TV
  2. Select Remote and Devices.

    "Remotes and Devices" in Apple TV Settings
  3. Click Remote.

    If your Siri Remote is charging, the icon to the right of Remote will have a lightning bolt in it. If not, a bar inside the battery symbol will show its relative charge level.

    Remote in "Remotes and Devices" in Apple TV Settings
  4. The Battery Level item on this screen shows the exact charge percentage of your Apple TV remote.

    Battery level on the Remote screen

How Often Do I Charge My Apple TV Remote?

You shouldn't need to recharge the Siri Remote often; with typical usage, a full charge should last several months before you start getting warnings the battery is low. The charging process itself only takes an hour or two.

How Do I Change the Battery in My Apple TV Remote?

Apple didn't design the batteries inside the first- and second-generation Siri Remotes with replacement in mind. Once you reach a point where the device no longer holds a charge, the easiest option is to buy a replacement.

However, earlier iterations of the Apple TV Remote (for example, the ones that work with the second-and third-generation Apple TV) use a replaceable CR 2032 button-cell battery you can swap out when it dies. However, the remote itself is not rechargeable.

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