How to Charge an iPhone 12

You have more options than you think

Apple's decision not to include a charger in the box left some people confused about charging an iPhone 12. We'll cover your options, including Apple options and third-party options as well.

Does the iPhone 12 Come With a Charger?

Apple includes a USB-C to lightning cable in the box of your iPhone 12, but not a charger, sometimes called a charging brick or AC adapter. But that doesn't mean you can't charge your iPhone right out of the box. You can use the included cable to charge your iPhone if you have a computer or AC adapter with a USB-C port. Plug the cable's lightning end into your phone and plug the other end into the USB-C port.

Use an Old Apple Charging Block and Cable

Every Apple device up until the iPhone 12 has come with an AC adapter. That includes iPhones and iPads. All Apple devices shipped with chargers of varying sizes and power output, but any of them will work with your new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 plugged into a 3rd party cable

That's what Apple is counting on and one of the reasons it stopped shipping chargers in the box in the first place. Since many people who purchase an iPhone 12 have previously bought other Apple devices, Apple figured removing the charger was a safe bet.

Charge With a Third-Party Charger/Power Brick

A great variety of companies produce chargers and charging bricks to charge your iPhone. These options include power docks, wall plugs, and power packs. As long as the device has a USB-C port, you'll be able to charge your iPhone with the included cable. Some third-party chargers even include a lightning cable in the box, ensuring that everything will work together perfectly.

Charge Wirelessly With MagSafe

MagSafe is Apple's new line of accessories that attach to the iPhone magnetically. One of those accessories is the MagSafe charger. This MagSafe charger attaches to the back of your iPhone and charges your iPhone using its Qi wireless charging coils. Appropriately, the MagSafe charger also does not come with a charging brick; you need to purchase one separately.

iPhone 12 Pro with a MagSafe Charger.

The MagSafe charger will work with any USB-C port as long as it provides a minimum of 12W (5V/2.4A) of power output but can function with up to 15W of peak power. Like the included cable, the iPhone's charging times will vary depending on what's powering the MagSafe charger.

Other iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Tips

If MagSafe isn't your cup of tea, other wireless charging pads will also charge your iPhone. Qi is a wireless charging standard in the mobile phone industry. That means there are a wide variety of third-party Qi wireless chargers you can use to charge your iPhone. Fortunately, any Qi Wireless charging pad will work for charging your iPhone.

In short, the charging brick and cable from a previous iPhone will work just fine. If you have a charging brick with a USB-C port, you can use the cable that came with the iPhone 12. If you have a battery pack and a suitable cord, it will work as well. Finally, as mentioned above, any Qi-based charging system (Apple or otherwise) will charge an iPhone 12.

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