How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

Swapping bands is a quick and easy process


The Apple Watch is sold with a watch band, but just because you buy the Watch with a particular band included doesn’t mean you have to rock that band forever. Just like most other watches, the bands on the Apple Watch can be removed and replaced with others. For instance, you might use the Milanese band while you’re at work, but want to swap it out to the sports band when you hit the gym later.

If you do find yourself wearing the watch at the gym, and you should given its powerful workout features, then a Sports band is definitely a good idea. A Sports band might not be the best fit for an office environment, however, so it pays to have a few options available.

Apple sells additional bands for the Apple Watch at its stores and online. There are also a number of other third-party retailers who have started making bands for the watch. Those third party bands are particularly interesting, in part because you can get some interesting designs that aren’t available in Apple’s traditional lineup. You can also pick up bands made out of different materials, giving the wearable a unique and different look.

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

If you want to swap the band out on your Apple Watch, doing so is fairly simple. The process is a bit different than what you might be accustomed to with other watches, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to transition between different bands fairly quickly. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Flip your Apple Watch over so you can see the rear of the device.

2. On the back, you’ll see two buttons where the band meets the Watch. Those are what is holding your current band onto your Watch.

3. Push the top button in and gently slide your existing Watch band out. The band can be moved either right or left. The first time you do this it can be a bit tricky, so make sure you’re pulling gently so you don’t accidentally damage the band.

4. Repeat the process with the bottom band.

5. Take your new Watch band and gently slide it into the same slot where you removed the previous one. Pay attention to the band and make sure you’re inserting it correctly and that you’re attaching the top part of the band to the top part of the Watch and the bottom part of the band to the bottom of the Watch.

Removing Links

If you happen to have purchased a link bracelet, then you may want to remove some of the links in order to get a better fit on your wrist. To do that, you just need to press the button on the back of the link and slide it out.

If you do remove links, be sure to put them in a safe place where you can find them, later on, should you decide you want to enlarge the bracelet, give it to someone else, or sell it. They’re tiny, and could easily become lost.