Ooh Ya? How to Change the Ouya Controller Battery

So you’ve received your Ouya console, and now you’re ready to get your Android gaming on and unwrap the Duracell battery included in the package so you can put it in your new Ouya controller and — uh-oh. Where’s the battery slot?

If you can’t seem to figure it out, you’re not the only one. See, unraveling the Ouya battery mystery requires you to tap into your inner MacGyver. The fact that the brains behind the Ouya console decided not to put battery changing instructions in their little quickstart sheet certainly doesn’t help. Don't worry, though: just read on to learn how to easily change your Ouya controller's batteries. 

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Where’s the Ouya Controller Battery Slot?

Ouya Android controller

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Finding the batteries in your Ouya controller might feel like searching for unicorns at first ... unless you've got a map, of course.

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Pry Open the Side of the Ouya Controller

Ouya controller being pryed open

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So to access the battery slot of the Ouya controller, you’ll need to pry open the sides with your fingers, as shown in the photo. Loosen the sides of the controller by working it with your fingers.

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Take off the Ouya Controller Right Front Cover

Ouya controller opened to show right battery slot

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Once you’ve loosened the sides adequately enough, take off the right cover and voila, there’s your first battery slot.

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Take off the Ouya Controller Left Front Cover

Ouya controller opened to reveal left side battery slot

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Just as you did with the other side, now take off the left front cover to find the second battery slot.

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Insert Batteries Into Your Ouya Controller

Ouya controller with battery in right slot

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So now you can finally insert those batteries. The positive portion of your battery needs to be aligned with the top of the device for both sides. Also, note that little fabric loop in the battery compartment. You’ll want to make sure you position it under the battery so it’ll be easier to take out the latter once you run out of juice and need to replace it.

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Cover up the Ouya Controller

Closing the Ouya controller

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Once you’ve got your batteries inserted and ready to go, then you can close it up again. Just align both covers with the buttons on the right and the left stick on the left and press down on the edges.

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Get Your Ouya Game on

Ouya controller

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And there you have it. Your Ouya controller is now ready for action.

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