Smartphone Tutorials: Changing the LG G Flex SIM Card

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How to Open the LG G Flex SIM Card Tray

To open the LG G Flex SIM tray without a special key, insert a paper clip and push down. Image © Jason HIdalgo

So you’re super stoked after figuring out how to take a screenshot with your LG G Flex of of that tiny, little fireball Justin Bieber and even learned how to add or remove apps from your LG G Flex to boot. Now, though, you want to graduate from that cute, little beginner stuff. Oh yes, now you want to get your hands dirty with some really hardcore skullduggery, like accessing or — gasp — changing your SIM card. Easy there Al Capone. Next thing you know, you’ll be emulating HD holdout Larry and returning DVDs without rewinding them, you bad boy (or girl) you.

Still, if you really want to get to that SIM card in your LG G Flex, it’s actually pretty easy. First off, you need to know where the SIM card is. Although most Android phones require removal of the back cover to access the SIM card, the LG G Flex actually has a dedicated SIM tray on its upper left side. The bad news? You basically require a little key to open it or the tray won’t budge. For folks who don’t have said key, there’s no need to worry yet. Fortunately, you still can open the tray with a trusty paper clip. Just unfold the clip to get a straight metal rod, insert it into the tiny little hole ​​in the slot and push down. Try not to wiggle it around or you’ll end up widening that tiny hole instead by bending the plastic. Just apply force downward until the tray pops open. Voila! You now have access to your SIM card.

But wait, turns out you weren’t paying attention and now you don’t remember how the SIM card is supposed to be placed back on the tray. Now what? Read on for the next step. For folks who own a newer LG G Flex 2, hey, we've got you covered, too. One positive about the newer version is that it does not require a little key. All you need to do is remove the back cover, which is super easy. For that tutorial, check out our quick guide on removing the LG G Flex 2 back cover. Now onward to our cover guide for the original G Flex.

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How to Position the LG G Flex SIM Card on its Tray

To put back the SIM card properly, match the groove shape of the tray as shown above. Image © Jason Hidalgo

Remember the time when Shia LeBeouf was cool? Yeah, I know, trick question, he was never ever cool. Speaking of remembering, so you took out your LG G Flex SIM Card without thinking and now you don’t remember how it’s supposed to fit in its tray. No worries, amigo, there’s literally a simple pattern to it. If you flip over the tray and look at the bottom, you’ll notice a groove with a familiar shape. That’s right, it’s shaped like a SIM card. Of course, the question now is, which side is up. Basically, you’ll want the top side of the SIM card matching the photo I’ve got above. If you’ve got everything figured out, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, if you need an image showing how to put back the SIM card tray in the LG G Flex, then proceed to the next step.

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How to Re-Insert the LG G Flex SIM Card Tray

Insert back the SIM tray as shown above or flip the phone face down to prevent the card from falling out. Image © Jason Hidalgo

Alright, so you’ve got the SIM Card placement figured out and you want to return the SIM tray back into the LG G Flex. To figure out which side is up or down, simply look at the curvature of the tray’s plastic part and match it to the G Flex’s side profile. Otherwise, look at the image I’ve got above. By the way, reinserting the darned tray the way I have above can cause the SIM card to fall if you don’t hold it from the bottom. The solution? Just flip the LG G Flex face down and insert the SIM card that way. Why didn’t I just use an image doing exactly that? Longtime readers of this space know that the lesson, as always, is: I’m an idiot. Other than that, you’re all set!

Jason Hidalgo is Lifewire’s Portable Electronics expert. Yes, he is easily amused. Follow him on Twitter @jasonhidalgo and be amused, too.