How to Install or Remove Themes in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome Theme Settings

google chrome themes
Scott Orgera

Google Chrome themes can be used to modify the look and feel of your browser, altering the appearance of everything from your scrollbar to the background color of your tabs and bookmarks bar.

The browser provides a very simple interface to locate and install new themes. This tutorial explains how to utilize that interface.

How to Change the Chrome Theme

  1. Open the menu button at the top right of the Google Chrome browser. It's the one with three horizontal lines.
  2. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate the Appearance area a few sections down from the top.
  4. To return Chrome's display to its default state, click or tap the button labeled Reset to default theme.

    However, to obtain a new theme, choose to Get themes and then continue on with the next step.
  5. The Chrome Web Store will open and show a list of a wide variety of browser themes. Browse for a theme you like, either through the categories or ratings.

    Once you've clicked a theme, you can read more information about it, see a larger preview image and read reviews.
  6. Click the ADD TO CHROME button on the theme's download page to install the new Chrome theme. They usually take just a few seconds to install, after which the button will change to read ADDED TO CHROME.
  7. The theme will be applied automatically and can be removed by repeating Steps 1 through 4.