How to Change Your Google Profile Picture

Swap out the profile image visible on Gmail, Google Calendar, and more

Your Google profile picture is a way to personalize your presence on Google services, such as Gmail, Docs, YouTube, and Sheets. It's easy to add a profile picture to your Google account and change it anytime you like.

Information in this article covers changing your Google profile picture from a desktop Mac or Windows PC, an iOS device, and an Android device.

Google home page on a smartphone with profile picture showing

Change Your Profile Picture From Google on the Desktop

It's easy to swap out a profile picture by accessing your Google account on your desktop computer.

  1. Go to and sign in to your Google account.

  2. From the left menu pane of your Google account home page, select Personal info.

    The Personal Info header in a Google Account

    You can also go straight to your Google account About Me page.

  3. In the Profile section, select Photo.

    The Photo icon in Google Account
  4. Select Upload photos, and then choose Select a photo from your computer, or drag a photo from your desktop to the upload box.

    The Upload Photos tab in Google's "Select profile photo" window

    Alternatively, select Your photos to choose from a photo you added to your Google account.

  5. Expand, edit, or crop your photo and add a caption if you like. When you're happy with it, select Set as profile photo.

    Select Set as profile photo when you're happy with your Google profile pic
  6. Your Google profile photo appears on your Google account home page.

    A Google Account screen with a new profile picture
  7. Your Google profile photo thumbnail is also visible on all Google services. Anyone who uses Google services can see your profile picture when you share content or communicate with them.

    Google profile pic thumbnail on Google search page

    If you don't see your profile picture change right away, clear the browser cache, refresh the browser, or close and reopen the browser. It may take a few minutes to take effect.

  8. When you email someone from your Gmail account, they see your profile photo next to your name in the email.

    A Google profile image in a Gmail message

Change Your Google Profile Picture From an iOS Device

Use the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad to change your Google account profile picture.

  1. Open the Gmail app on your iOS device and sign in.

  2. Tap Menu (the three lines).

  3. Tap Settings.

    Settings in Gmail
  4. Choose the Gmail account for which you want to change the profile picture.

  5. Tap Manage your Google Account.

  6. Tap Personal info.

    Personal info in the Gmail app
  7. Under Profile, tap Photo.

  8. You'll see an explanation of your Google profile picture's visibility. Tap Set Profile Picture to continue.

  9. Select Take photo, Choose from photos, or Cancel.

    Setting a profile picture in the Gmail app
  10. If you select Take Photo, tap OK to allow Gmail to access your camera.

  11. Take a photo, and if you're happy with it, tap Use Photo.

  12. Your Google profile photo is now set to your new photo and is visible across all Google services.

    Taking a new profile photo in the Gmail app
  13. To add a photo from your camera roll, select Choose from photos.

  14. Select a photo and then tap Choose.

  15. Your Google profile photo is now set to your new photo and is visible across all Google services.

    Choosing a Google account photo from your library in the Gmail app

Change a Google Profile Picture From an Android Device

Here's how to change your Google profile picture from your Android phone or tablet.

  1. Open the Gmail app on your Android device and tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner.

  2. Tap Manage your Google Account.

  3. Choose Personal info.

    Managing your Google Account in the Gmail app for Android
  4. In the Profile section, tap your current profile picture or initial icon.

  5. Tap Set Profile Photo, and then follow the prompts to take a new photo or use an existing photo.

    Setting a new profile photo in the Gmail app for Android
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