How to Change Your Google Profile Picture

Swap out the profile image visible on Gmail, Google Calendar and more

Your Google profile picture is displayed on services like Google+, YouTube, Hangouts, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and others. Changing it is easy and really only requires you to have access to your Google account.

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture for Your Google Account

The following steps will change your profile picture for all your favorite Google services, however it will not change the picture you have set up within Gmail since there's a separate profile picture option for Gmail messages and chats. To learn how to change your Gmail profile picture, scroll down to the section on Gmail.

  1. Navigate to in a web or mobile browser and if necessary, sign into your account.

  2. Select your profile picture in the top right corner to pull down a dropdown box of account options.

    You don't necessarily need to do this from My Account. If you're using another Google service like Google Calendar, Google Drive or something else and you see your Google profile picture in the top right, you can follow these same steps.

  3. Select the Change option that appears over your profile picture in the dropdown box.

    A screenshot of
  4. To change your picture, you can:

    • drag an image file from a folder to the center of the uploader or click on Select a photo from your computer to manually choose one;
    • switch to the Your photos tab to select an existing photo from your Google Photos; or
    • switch to the Photos of you tab to select a photo you've been tagged in.
  5. Once you've selected a photo, click the blue Set as profile photo button in the bottom left of the photo uploader.

You might notice that your profile picture doesn't seem to change immediately. In this case, you can try:

  • clearing your browser's cache;
  • signing out of Google Chrome if you're using it as a web browser;
  • closing down your browser and reopening it; or
  • being patient and waiting several minutes to hours for your new profile picture to show up.

Other Places Where You Can Change Your Google Profile Photo

There are a few other hidden places you can change your Google profile picture, but the steps given above are for the most accessible one. You can also change your Google profile picture from:

  • your Google+ profile by selecting EDIT PROFILE and selecting the camera button that appears over your profile photo;
  • at Google About Me, Google My Account or your YouTube channel page by rolling your cursor over your profile photo and selecting the camera icon that appears over it.
  • On the official Google mobile app as well as other official Google apps (like Drive, Sheets, etc.) by tapping your profile photo > Manage your Google Account > UPDATE PHOTO.

How to Change Your Gmail Profile Photo for Gmail Messages

This profile picture will be visible to people you send and receive emails to and from through Gmail, as well as anyone you chat with in Gmail.

  1. Navigate to in a web or mobile browser and if necessary, sign into your account.

    If you're using the official Gmail mobile app, you might notice that your Google account profile photo is visible on it (which is also the profile photo you could change using the steps mentioned in the section above), but perhaps not your Gmail profile photo. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can change your Gmail profile photo from the app, so you'll have to do this from browser.

  2. Select the gear icon in the top right corner.

  3. Select Settings from the dropdown list.

  4. Under the General tab, scroll down until you see My picture with a thumbnail preview of your current photo.

    A screenshot of
  5. Select Change picture.

  6. Select the Choose File button from the popup box to select an image file from your computer or device. A preview of your photo will automatically upload and be displayed.

  7. Drag the crop tool around your photo to center it where you want or select the corners and drag them in or out on your screen to customize the size.

  8. Select the Apply Changes button when you're done.

If you want to limit who sees your Gmail profile picture, you can select the Visible only to people I can chat with option so that only people in in your chat list will be able to see it. Otherwise, leave it at Visible to everyone if you want anyone who sends or receives email from you to see it.